If one lesson can be garnered from the events that have transpired over the past couple of months is is never jump to conclusions because it might be off a cliff.

This is a repeat of people jumping to conclusions as far back as four years ago. A lot of false accusations have flown around the internet for quite a long time. This latest episode shows how fast things can be cleared up if all involved simply talk to each other and work out whatever the problem is.

The second lesson that should come out of this is that I am one stubborn old fart. I do not stop until I get answers and get the situation resolved. It has happened this time and it will happen again. A LOT of proof and answers came out of this fight. I was able to prove how many of the things I claimed happened was possible and thus DID happen.

Once the other party to this blog war and I understood the mistaken impressions we both were led to make due to the antics of another, we were able to come to an agreement and work out our differences and then move on.

This should serve as a warning to others who have or might cross my path again. I will not tolerate being harassed or being lied about. I will not quit until you are made to be accountable for your actions, one way or another.

The next chapter in this saga is likely going to be the person who caused this latest nonsense. I am already getting information on this little dweeb.

Stay Tuned


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