I have to wonder sometimes why people take certain jobs. People sometimes take jobs that are not the right fit for them. This is the only logical answer to a question I have when I was over on Facebook reading a comment by a long time friend from California.

It seems that an organization attempted to give blankets to The Devore Animal shelter in San Bernardino, California. The blankets were turned away by the staff at the shelter. It was the view of the staffers who turned the blankets down that the dogs would have ingested the blankets. Now, I have owned or benn around dogs for most of my 61 years and I have never seen a dog EAT a blanket. I have had a tug of war with a dog or two, but have never had a dog EAT a blanket. Have you?

Just who is Operation Blankets of love anyway? Well, let me extract a quote from their website I have printed above.

You would think I would now wrap up this story and that I would be done, but you would be wrong. There is more to this story. It seems that there is more to what is going on at this shelter besides the rejection of free blankets. It turns out that this animal shelter, that is SUPPOSED to care for animals and prepare them for adoption. It turns out that there are articles and facebook pages galore about this shelter and their horrible treatment of animals. Here are some of the samples:

As you can see this shelter has been a problem since 2009! That is TWO YEARS that animals have had to suffer cruelty at the hands of man. Have you ever tried sleeping on a cold concrete floor? It is NOT comfortable, give it a try sometime. Here in Florida, if an animal shelter were to treat their pet in this manner they would be guilty of a felony. I do not know what the laws are in California, but someone needs to look into them.

I do not know why people choose to work with animals if they do not care about them the way the current employees seem to demonstrate. To be honest, I have never heard of such a problem with a government run shelter. I would certainly hope that SOMEONE does something about this shelter so that no further suffering of animals occurs there.

The owners of the Operation Blankets of Love have posted this appeal on their Facebook page:

Operation Blankets of Love

My observation from Devore. Not one cage had a blanket or any comfort item except mother dogs and her pups. They were miserable and so uncomfortable laying or sitting there.
Met with the head of shelter Doug Smith for 35 minutes and got a tour of the shelter. He does not allow blankets in any of the cells including the cats that were on newspaper. His reasoning was the dogs “could ingest the blanket” and the other excuse was “the blankets could get caught in the drains and cause problems of backed up feces.” He also commented,” the more negative comments I get the better, I like getting them because then more people will come in to adopt them” I said, The animals should suffer so you can get negative publicity? How about doing something positive to get the dogs and cats adopted? He did not like my answer. He said that the new platforms they have are soft and comfortable. He showed me one and it is as hard as a piece of cement. I hurt my hand tapping it it was so hard. While I was there I even showed him our clip on NBC LA Today Show how comfort with a blanket or soft item for dogs and cats can make the difference of them being adopted. They become relaxed, feel safe and secure, happier and it reminds the potential adopter of their home environment. Those are getting adopted which saves lives. It still did not change his mind and kept repeating he is not doing anything wrong at his shelter. He just does not believe in having comfort for these poor babies.He does not believe in having volunteers not one at the shelter. I could not believe it. How strange is that? These are the highlights. We must get the message out there to make sure these animals get comfort so abused, neglected, abandoned, and pups,senior dogs do not have to sit, lie, or sleep on a hard cement floor. And cats on newspaper which is on top of a wired cage which is not comfortable either.

Does anyone have contacts to get this story out on the new on TV or print.
Please help us help them NOW!!

I would love to see this article repeated all over the internet. ALL animal lovers should band together and go to the links below to flood the officials in that area to do something about this mess:

For more information on the Grand Jury process, please visit the following link:

You can access the form directly here;

County of San Bernardino Grand Jury – Home
County of San Bernardino Grand Jury

Stay Tuned



  • Kay says:

    Yes Must & Shannon this is ver very sad , I grew up in So Ca so I know where about this animal shelter is Located , , My family & I Use to go Camping out there & Off road dirt bike riding , i think this needs to be truned over to the Local Media , KCBS (2) < Ktla ( 5) < KABC (7 ) These are some of the Major stations in SO Ca for TV broadcasting) & I think the Local Mayor of Devore should be told , what the Hell is going on in his city , about animal Abuse & neglect. I am no longer in this area , I sold my home in 2003 an moved to Louisiana , but my son & daughter in Law are not to far from Shannon . Well hugs yall hope this might help get the info out . SuNStar201 aka Kay

  • Shannon says:

    Thanks for posting this, MURT.
    You may want to post this sticker, too.

  • christine says:

    HI! It’s Christine from “Friends of Devore Shelter Dogs”

    Thank you for sharing this story. It must be told and told and told until something is done. The Board of Supervisors who are responsible for this shelter have turned a blind eye. They know what is going on –because we have told them, in person and in writing. They chose to look the other way.

    Devore shelter has a long history of horrid problems. However, since 2006 when the current Animal Control Manager took over : Brian Cronin, it has gotten even worse. His contact information:

    Phone: (909) 387-9152
    Fax: (909) 387-0125

    You can let him know what you think of the state of affairs.

    He has LOCKED OUT VOLUNTEERS at the shelter, and is more than happy killing over 2/3 of the animals that come into his care. He told The San Bernardino Sun on June 28 of this year, the shelter is “too grim for volunteers” because of all of the killing.

    This is the largest county in country— even all tof he remodels and money spent and they haven’t bothered to add any kennels. They only have 90 kennels. (Orange County has over 400!!).

    This place Devore Shelter, in San Bernardino California, collects dogs and cats from surrounding cities to kill. Cities like Big Bear, Yucca Valley, Rialto, Inland Valley, HIghland– once animals have served their time in the respective city ( approx 4 days) they are TRUCKED in and KILLED IMMEDIATELY OFF THE TRUCK. This place is a slaughter house for dogs and cats. People in the area have NO idea this is happening.

    This county kills 140 dogs and cats every single day. Rescues pull as many as they can, fighting tooth and nail with the shelter at every turn. Turns out this place is nothing more than a concentration camp for dogs and cats. They can’t kill them fast enough. Additionally, about once or twice a month the “accidentally” kill dogs and cats who have rescue arranged from them. They call it a “clerical” error.

    Thank you again for telling this story.

  • barbara bagileo says:

    OMG how awful and in a “civilzed” society???? Where is the SPCA in this and why has this been allowed to continue. Here in Baja we have abandoned and abused dogs and cats but never have I seen anything like this in a wealty and abundent society like CA. Here there is a core of volunteers who make sure all the dogs and cats we rescue and adopted to caring families or sent to “no kill rescue shelters”. My heart breaks at this horrible story. Keep pressing for action. I think you should send this to every newspaper and animal magazine you can possibly think of!!!

    I thought it was bad here, but most of the problems here are from lack of knowledge, understanding and money to feed their own families. Progress is being made though and we are prould of those who are standing up for all these helpless animals.

  • I, too, had heard and read the horror stories about Devore, so I drove out there to see it personally. Several other people met me there to get their impressions as well, and the opinions were unanimous. I AGREE with all of the assessments and comments above! The Devore Shelter is in need of serious reform. The Board of Supervisors has turned a blind eye. Brian Cronin is ineffective. Doug Smith has no interest in improving the conditions. Kelly Papp looked me in the eye when she said that animals don’t have feelings, and that we wrongly attribute human emotions to them. That statement alone confirmed for me that the management at the Devore Shelter needs to be replaced. I wrote a longer analysis in a note on the Patrick’s Law FB page.

    I also had coffee with the fabulous Eileen Smulson who devotes almost 24/7 to Operation Blankets of Love. I find it hard to believe that she was confrontational or made any kind of scene at Devore, because I found her to be quite intelligent and reasonable, and not the crazy animal advocate that some are painting her to be.

    Unfortunately, the Devore Animal Shelter is not unique in its failure to provide humane conditions for the animals temporarily in its care. But because so many city and county shelters in the Los Angeles area DO have their act together… DO provide blankets and comfort… DO make a concerted effort to re-home animals… DO have facilities that house more animals… there is no reason that Devore can’t use them as models to modify their own methods of operation.

  • H.p. Morgan says:

    Once again, no proof of these accusations. With countless investigations done, including the Grand Jury, no evidence has arisen. Pictures don’t prove anything, vet reports might but thus far none have been offered. As for the blankets, that is a wasted effort. Devore has heated floors. As for never seeing a dog chew up a blanket, what planet do you live on? Biggest game of the day is to chew up stuff and that is exactly what will happen with these blankets at Devore. They will clog up the drainage system causing backups into the kennels. Now that would be a disaster for the dogs. Use some common sense, no evidence, countless investigations, and nothing, absolutely nothing. Show us the proof, show us the evidence, or stop with these ridiculous accusations.

    • Well, I will respectfully disagree but will publish your rebuttal.



  • Frida Magoo says:

    Just thought I’d give everyone an update: nothing new here, the Devore shelter is still in dire need of reform. The director Doug Smith and supervisor Kelly Papp are capricious at best in working with rescues to get animals out. They’re still not below retaliating and even punishing rescues for pulling too many animals by being unreachable and killing animals that rescues have said they’re coming for. Their actions are supported by a corrupt and collusive county system that cares more about the casinos than the welfare of the people and animals.

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