I have to wonder why some people will set up a  blog and spend hour upon hour bullying people for no other reason than to be a nuisance and wasting bandwidth in the process. This is the case of a rather queer blog known as Exposing Blogtv Broadcasters. This puny little blog was unheard of until about the beginning of June when this pest decided to write an article about my coverage of the trial. The situation soon escalated into a full blown blog war between me this nincompoop and a couple of other blogtv “personalities.”

Well, through a bit of persistence, I found out who ONE of the persons was in this little drama fest and cleared up a few small details, at least to a point. The last little detail seems to be this little pest. This useless pest seems to be intent on buzzing around my head like a mosquito that needs to be squashed out of existence. I am only too happy to oblige. One thing I have to wonder about is the LACK of maturity of the dweeb that set up the blog in the first place. Let us look at the blog for a moment.

When I first came across this “thing,” I made the mistake of taking it seriously. My original impression was that it was someone making a critique of certain broadcasters on blogtv.com that the blog was set up to discuss. Instead it turns out to be something of a pissing and moaning blog by someone who does not have it all together and probably never has.

His (?) center of attention seems to be perhaps 5 broadcasters out of the thousands on the service and his critique is rather sloppy to be polite. Lately, he(?) has abandoned the format altogether and has decided to concentrate on a certain blogtv. broadcaster and me. One thing I have noticed is that he likes the word Fucked. He seems to use it a lot. He reminds me of that South Park song about the word Fuck.

I have no problem with the word Fuck. It is after all, just a combination of letters and is an oral utterance by those who choose to utter it. It is considered an expletive. It does have it’s uses when trying to express a point. That said, however, when it is used as often as this person seems to like to do so, it loses it’s intensity and turns more toward to show a lack of maturity and intelligence on the part of the person using it.

The use of the word reminds me of those who constantly use the word “you know” because they cannot control their speech pattern or find they have a lack of vocabulary skills and have to fall back on that particular phrase.

Now to get back to the meat of the matter here. It seems that this blog owner is trying to put the cyber bully label on me and my other nemesis. He either wrote or more than likely PLAGURIZED a long and rambling article on cyber bullying going point for point over why I am deserving of that label.

Well, there is a slight problem in posting that article for the author wound up describing HIMSELF (?) as the bully since HIS(?) actions fit the article to a tee.

The AUTHOR of the blog in question seems to have forgotten HIS(?) actions since he created the thing and the fact HE(?) engaged in precisely the SAME actions he is accusing OTHERS of. His(?) blog along with several others is ample proof of HIS(?) bullying and also the illegal actions he has taken part in during the course of this ongoing blog war.

Before going on further, let me explain the (he)? His(?) (etc)? labels. It seems that whoever the blog author is, the gender is unknown. Neither is the age of this nuisance known for that matter. As usual, the coward that creates one of these blogs is too much of a coward to state clearly who they are. People like this hide behind screwball usernames and go to great lengths to protect their secret identity. A certain woman in Arizona comes to mind as well as that piece of work from Ohio.

After my nemesis “outed ” this person as an immature teenager and I wrote an article of warning, lo and behold, the long rambling article appeared. What really caught my attention was this little phrase within the body of the article.

TO quote:

I should point out that this “Bloggerboy23” has never been seen so no one is even sure if he/she even exists or if they are just some made up character

The problem for the blog author is that this little sentence just deflated the balloon of of credence regarding their article since the author ADMITS that bloggerboy23 likely does not even exist. It is rather hard to bully someone that does not exist and one who EVERYONE KNOWS DOES NOT EXIST.

This is known in both legal and political circles as “plausable denialability.”

Simply put, it means, in this case,  that if everyone knows something is a hoax, then everything having to do with it is a game.

Mafia Wars, comes to mind. Ever seen the tweets or Facebook posts made by opponents? Rather violent bunch, they are, but I doubt they will wind up in jail anytime soon.

So to close, I wonder who is “feeling fucked” about now?

Stay tuned


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