Well, if the information I am getting is true, the potty mouthed troll that is making a number of us miserable, is nothing more than a screwed up, snot nosed kid. One seriously screwed up one at that. The one question is , WHERE THE HELL ARE THE PARENTS?

This little cowardly rug rat is playing adult mind games using adult language WITH adults. Do the PARENTS or GUARDIANS of this CHILD have any idea the risk this kid is taking? I guess not judging from his behavior for quite a while. It seems to me like someone with the DCF, wherever this little brat lives needs to extract him from this so called home of his and place him in foster care where perhaps some responsible foster parent can knock some sense into him. At the very least, someone needs to take that computer of his and smash it in front of him.

I will be one with the DCF of where ever this little piss ant lives if I ever find out for certain who he is.

Stay Tuned


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