As if to reinforce my contention that a large women will lie about anything and did so in my case, comes yet another in a string of accusations against. Herman Cain, the contender for the GOP nominee for president.

To set the record straight, I am not a supporter of Cain and I certainly do not want him to be President. This article has nothing to do with politics but  more toward how women will lie when it comes to men. In this case, this woman is admitting having an affair with Mr Cain for years and years. The affair ended, conveniently, right after he announced his run for the GOP nomination. The problem in the case of this woman is her background. It is not a good one. She has been evicted countless times, has had Libel judgements against her and so on. She certainly is NOT a good credible witness due to her background and being a woman does not help at all.

Sorry ladies, as much as I like the female gender, my experiences of the last three years makes me have a high degree of doubt toward ANY woman making any sort of accusation against the brotherhood of man.

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  • Angie says:

    I totally understand where you are coming from Murt but please don’t lump all women in with that pathetic group that hounds you day and night. If they were real women, they wouldn’t have the time or energy to do what they do to you and others.

  • I do not lump all women into this category. It is just that it seems that a majority of women, by my impression will go to great lengths to deceive or lie about a male simply because he is male delving into a “woman only” area. Unfortunately their actions speak as well as their words.


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