The location of where the cellphone belonging to Michelle Parker was revealed by OPD today as the nearby Lake Conway. The bridge near where the phone was found was less than a couple of miles from the command center that had been set up in a nearby parking lot until just a few days ago.

What is interesting about this location is the fact that it is not easy to get to. One has to traverse some neighborhood roads to get to the bridge which is the only one across this very large lake. By all indications, the phone was thrown from a moving car as it crossed the bridge. This also means whoever had the phone knows the area and might even live around there. OPD has also stated that some photos have already been recovered from the phone which is in unusually good condition.¬† Michelle’s mother seems to be losing hope that she will be found alive and has stated her hate toward “whoever did this to her.”

At this point I think  we all should pray for the family for the strength they may soon need to cope with the fate of Michelle.


Stay Tuned



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