HI! It’s Christine from “Friends of Devore Shelter Dogs” ( Thank you for sharing this story. It must be told and told and told until something is done. The Board of Supervisors who are responsible for this shelter have turned a blind eye. They know what is going on –because we have told them, in person and in writing. They chose to look the other way. Devore shelter has a long history of horrid problems. However, since 2006 when the current Animal Control Manager took over : Brian Cronin, it has gotten even worse. His contact information: Phone: (909) 387-9152 Fax: (909) 387-0125 You can let him know what you think of the state of affairs. He has LOCKED OUT VOLUNTEERS at the shelter, and is more than happy killing over 2/3 of the animals that come into his care. He told The San Bernardino Sun on June 28 of this year, the shelter is “too grim for volunteers” because of all of the killing. This is the largest county in country— even all tof he remodels and money spent and they haven’t bothered to add any kennels. They only have 90 kennels. (Orange County has over 400!!). This place Devore Shelter, in San Bernardino California, collects dogs and cats from surrounding cities to kill. Cities like Big Bear, Yucca Valley, Rialto, Inland Valley, HIghland– once animals have served their time in the respective city ( approx 4 days) they are TRUCKED in and KILLED IMMEDIATELY OFF THE TRUCK. This place is a slaughter house for dogs and cats. People in the area have NO idea this is happening. This county kills 140 dogs and cats every single day. Rescues pull as many as they can, fighting tooth and nail with the shelter at every turn. Turns out this place is nothing more than a concentration camp for dogs and cats. They can’t kill them fast enough. Additionally, about once or twice a month the “accidentally” kill dogs and cats who have rescue arranged from them. They call it a “clerical” error. Thank you again for telling this story.

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