I suppose that if this was a larger blog and had more influence, the woman featured in a WFTV segment would have not fallen for the same scam I wrote about a few months back:



When I came across the ad in Craigslist entitled “Driver wanted for driving a car” I wrote about this being an obvious scam. I decided to play along and answer the ad. Sure enough I received a cashiers check for over $2000.00.

I then did a follow up article based on my experience regarding this check and tracking down whoever posted the ad:



The victim of the latest scam answered an ad for a babysitter position. The same scenario occurred where she cashed the check and then sent some of the money off to the “Agent” via Western Union. The check, of course, bounced. The sad thing is that I informed several news media outlets including WFTV about this scam and it was never reported until AFTER this woman had been victimized.


So much for the mainstream media.

This is yet another MURT “See I told you so” moment.


Stay Tuned



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