2012 will be the year that history will recognize as the year of the most profound changes in the history of mankind. These changes are not apparent right now to most of us, but the seeds were planted this year.

The purpose of this article is not to predict exactly what those changes will be but to bring out the fact that there are events that have taken place over the past year that will bring about dramatic changes in the new year. I do not consider next year a year of hope as a lot of people might expect.

We are seeing the beginning of changes that will bring about a different society then we see now. Those changes will be sudden and more profound than anyone could expect.

In the past when profound changes have taken place in our history, a major event triggered these changes. A world war, an invention, always that one event that one could point to as the catalyst for the most noted changes in society. In the case of 2012 the indicators will be many small events with a few major events thrown in for good measure. Also, rather than the changes being in one area, such as technology or political, the changes will be across the board. Society is about to go through an extreme makeover. By this time next year, that change will be so profound, we will all be dizzy wondering what the hell happened.

So strap in folks, it is going to be one hell of a ride.

Stay Tuned


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