This is going to be so much fun! I get to rag on the old boss!

Well, it is official! Jeff Ashton is running for the seat currently held by his boss, Lawson Lamar. Is this one of the “transitions” of which I wrote earlier? Are we going to see the end of the Lamar dynasty and the beginning of the Ashton Dynasty?

The race for the elected seat of State Atty for the Ninth Circuit Court of Florida has begun. There was speculation that this was the primary reason Jeff Ashton resigned rather than just for the writing of the book “Imperfect Justice.”

It has been known within legal circles that JeffAshton has wanted to upgrade the Court bringing in high tech forensics and other tools.  He has also stated that he will personally try some cases and require more senior management staff to be in the courtroom in a more active role.

It is easy to see that the local contest between these two popular titans is going to be one of the more interesting events of 2012 and may well pave the way toward a different path of transition from one style of handing trials within the Ninth Circuit to another.

The ride has begun.

Stay Tuned


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