One of the latest items to come out of the “leaking” of the video diary made by Casey Anthony is the intention of Jose Baez to sue whoever leaked the video which he claims was never intended to be made public.

His basis for the lawsuit? More than likely Florida’s security of communications act:

Florida Statutes 934.03 – Interception and disclosure of wire, oral, or electronic communications prohibited

Florida Statutes > Title XLVII > Chapter 934 > § 934.03 – Interception and disclosure of wire, oral, or electronic communications prohibited

In the case of this diary, it appears that someone hacked into her computer and downloaded it. This also gets into the area of “theft of intellectual property” which is the legal definition of hacking into someone’s computer and stealing content.

I have been, for years, looking for an atty who would like to take my case. There is a woman by the name of Sandra Goddard out of Ohio that seems hell bent on continuing to post instant messages purported to contain statements I made in regards to the children involved in Florida’s more prominent cases. Sandra Goddard originally published these messages and continues to do so in defiance of Florida law. She also has full knowledge of the how and who behind this material but refuses to disclose these details. One has to wonder why?



Private Detective Dominic Casey, with the full knowledge that the instant messages provided to him were of private conversations covered under Florida law, distributed them, is also civilly liable under the same law as well as criminally liable.

Since Bozo seems to think that this law is important to address, I would certainly welcome his assistance to deal with those who have violated the law in the interception of not only these instant messages, but in the release of telephone conversations recorded by Tracy Roddy, aka Shortbusdude, Joshua Meltion aka MonoxideMMAC and as rumored, a prominent associate of a missing child’s family.

Two days from this writing, I will no longer be a homeowner. The primary cause of this change in my status can be traced back to the actions of Sandra Goddard and her group of internet thugs and bullies. They should be made to account for their actions.

Ok, Jose, are you game?

Stay Tuned


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