This is not so much of a political comment as a comment of the degree a “scorned woman” will go to destroy her accused scorner. Both Newt and his supporters in the nomination process seem to think his wife LIED when she said Newt wanted an open marriage.

Until my recent experiences with “scorned women” who have the propensity to lie and also go to great depths to “get even” for some perceived wrong, If I were into political debates, I would have written a scathing blog about the antics of Newt Gingrich of whom I am neither a supporter or fan.

I have stated in the past that due to the personal anguish I have suffered at the hands of so called “scorned women” that I simply cannot believe any accusation by any woman at any level without substantial and overwhelming evidence to support her accusations. I have not changed my stand.

One curious result of this latest scandal is that it does bring up how people seem to change their minds when it comes to the “character issue.” I remember back when President Clinton was going through his scandal, the republicans were all over him as was the “elite media.” Now that it is the republicans turn, they whine at the press for having the audacity of bringing up accusations of immoral behavior by someone wanting to be the next president of the United States.

Oh well, that is politics for ya.

Stay tuned


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