One of my most ardent stalkers and bullies recently wrote a blog article criticizing the media for divulging the current hiding place of Casey Anthony and asked a question of a media source “would you admit to having blood on your hands if harm were to come to Casey from you revealing where she is?”

What is remarkable here is this same woman not only gave out my address but also posted many photos of my residence. One of her cult followers flew clear across the country and took photos in such detail that just about anyone could find my remotely located residence. This same woman even solicited and got my UNLISTED phone numbers from one of her most ardent supporters in Florida.

When “someone” called both my brother and sister to the extent that they had to order their respective carriers to block the calls, this blogger said nothing, not a peep. Of course she did not say a peep against HERSELF for posting pornographic photos of me photoshopped on the body ofr a male sitting nude outside of a trailer on a toilet. After all she put it on HER blog. She did not say one word when someone called me EVERY DAY from Sept 2008 up to TODAY demanding that I commit suicide on cam for the lulz.

I guess it is true when one of her more agressive third party stalkers stated that “We are liers, stalkers and hypocrites, OH MY!”

There is a reason why her blog does not apply to me, of course. I am NOT Casey Anthony.

Stay tuned


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  • angie says:

    Hard to believe she is still at it. I mean seriously, doesn’t that group get even remotely tired of this crap? I do things a while til I am bored and move on to something new and more interesting. Not to mention that extreme pain, which she claims to have, keeps most people from staying at any one thing for too long. Only thing I can think of Murt. is that there must be a deep and undying love for you for all of them to take time out of their everyday life to focus on you. Not sure about anyone else but I have a life outside the internet.

    Hope you are doing well


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