Each week, in Ocala, Florida, this bicycle rests against a signpost at a busy intersection while the owner stands nearby, leaning against crutches and holding a crude cardboard sign, printed with the words” hungry, need food.” The bicycle, once a symbol of recreation, is now a symbol of survival. It is a carrier of all the worldly goods of the owner. After a long day of standing at the intersection he rides the bicycle to a nearby wooded lot where he will rest until he returns to the intersection yet again to lean on the crutches and hold up his sign.

Stay Tuned.



  • Cinderella says:

    Wrong-O, Murt. After a FULL day of panhandling I’m guessing this person’s take home (no taxes) is more than mine.

    • Well, Cinderella, since it is likely you spend all of your time sitting around trolling people’s blogs and chats and doing NOTHING constructive with your life, if the panhandler makes one penny per day, he will make 100% more than you make or deserve.


  • Penny says:

    Cinderella said, “I’m guessing this person’s take home (no taxes) is more than mine.”
    As I see it “this person” has no home to take it to– you do.
    Try a little compassion and reduce the cynicism.

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