Over the last few weeks I have begun to notice that a number of blogs, youtube sites, and document archival sites started to have certain items, umm “vanish. Multimedia material links contained within certain Twitter posts, and blog articles went to blank pages, 404 errors and “item removed” messages. From all of this one would have to conclude that a lot of people are closing up shop.
The question is why?

A hint would be the blue grass state and “blue.”

In the winter of 2008 a number of incidents took place that resulted in a number of criminal complaints, a couple of which were to the state of Kentucky. One of the complaints centered on a former resident of Fruitland Park, Florida who had moved back to his home state of Kentucky to be with his mother. This former Fruitland Park Florida resident decided, to impersonate another Fruitland Park resident in the process of engaging in an internet prank.

The prank, it seems was to engage another Florida resident in a private conversation and while in the process of that conversation, the Fruitland Park resident threatened to “come to your place with a shotgun and blow your fucking head off.” Further on in these same conversations the Fruitland Park resident changed his threat to something along the lines “I am a convicted sex offender living with my mother. As part of my parole I am confined to my mobile home and cannot leave because I am wearing an ankle bracelet. “

The Fruitland park resident went on to state that the person on the other side of the conversation come to his trailer, supplying the address and even directions as to how to get there.

He was even nice enough to send a mug shot of himself as an attachment so that he would be easily recognized.

There was a slight problem here. The Kentucky resident did not bother to inform the Fruitland Park resident that he was being impersonated and thus you can imagine  the  surprise  of the residents of the mobile home when deputies from the Lake County Sheriff’s department paid them a visit,  wanting to know why the resident of that structure violated the conditions of his parole NOT TO BE USING ANY COMPUTER ON THE INTERNET.  He was not even allowed to have a computer in any location he lived, PERIOD.

He also could not be in possession of a firearm nor live in any residence that had firearms present. He was also not allowed to have any contact with children.

Now why all this fuss over this particular Fruitland Park Florida resident that was being impersonated?

Well, you see, the person being impersonated was one of the few UNREGISTERED sex offenders living in Lake County Florida. He was a real interesting character.

He was convicted of multiple counts of sexual child abuse. In short he was A CONVICTED PEDOPHILE.

It seems that him and his now ex-wife got a little excited and decided to have sex on the kitchen table of the mobile home where they were residing along with the children. For whatever reason he decided to have one of the children take a picture of his female companion’s “place of business.” while she was in her birthday suit.

When this event was somehow brought to the attention of the Lake County Sheriff’s Department (the story of how THIS came to the attention of law enforcement is rather interesting in itself) they were not to happy about it and both of the lovers were promptly arrested.

After going through the legal process the Fruitland Florida resident went in the state prison system.

The Kentucky resident learned of this event from one of his BFFS a female blogger. He decided to use the information as I have written about earlier.

Well, a number of people who were involved in the incident began to get concerned about his conduct and promptly contacted both the Fruitland Park Police department and the County Sheriff where the Kentucky resident was, umm, residing.

It seems that about a month and a half ago, the states of Kentucky AND Tennessee (he seems to be real popular with the po po) started to be REAL interested in this particular Kentucky resident and word of this has spread through the blogger and forum communities.

It seems as a result of all of this certain people have started to “clean house” and a large number of photos, files, comments and what have you have started to vanish off the internet, unfortunately for them, way too late, since it is understood that HUNDREDS of people out in cyberspace have all this interesting material stored on their pc’s.

Now, I wounder what these folks would think if all of a sudden all of this archived material started appearing on the internet along with detailed accounts of the how and why everyone did what they did.


I guess I will have to STAY TUNED for this one.



  • anonymous says:

    Was “the former” Fruitland Park resident and the “present ” Fruitland Park resident acquaintances? Does the former also go by the name of “blue” or would that be the mother? Hmmmm, very interesting.

  • As far as I know the two Fruitland Park residents have blood no relation or met each other. The one former resident has a strong interest in child pornography so they do have something in common. They are both male. The one person uses the name of a chemical in his username.
    The person(s) userame(s) containing the word “blue” does have an interesting connection to another “action” that is under review.


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