I find it curious that this Cinderella person persists on making these rather odd comments to my blog. The reason for my attitude is that I know a few things about who this person is.

Right after the first comment was made by Cinderella was published, I started to get e-mails from a known source with ever mounting proof of just who Cinderella is and why these latest attacks against me have resurfaced.

The sender of this information has stated that he is going to “deal with” Cinderella since he has had problems with this person’s past actions. I guess this would fall under the adage “The enemy of my enemy is my friend.”

I will be watching with great interest to see what this person has in mind for Cinderella.

Stay tuned



  • Cinderella says:

    ROFL. What are you talking about? I commented on your blog article…very articulate I might add. This conspiracy and who i might be business is ridiculous. murt do you wonder why you might be having problems? my posts should be the least of your problems. I presented to you and caused you no harm. simply commented on your very public posts. now you’re going to tell me anon sources might know who i am and, what? i was actually feeling very sympathetic for you. would your latest post be like the ‘LULU’ thing? Oh, please.

    • Cinderella:
      Well, believe what you want. I know exactly who you are and why you are pulling this latest stunt of yours. It is in your nature. You cannot stop. My new (actually not so new) friend has told me all about you and your antics.

      The fact you persist in posting here confirms what the “friend” has said about you.

      So until your next visit.

      Stay tuned

    • What is the LULU thing by the way?


  • Snow White says:

    You should make a FAQ or an about page on your blog, like a one stop place cataloging these conspiracies you think are directed at you….why do you write like there is some big mystery (mysteries??) about people who dont like you? So how does one find out exactly what the “Lulu thing” is and who is telling you what about who. Very confusing to keep track of!
    I notice you write “stay tuned” all over the place. For what? More elusive clues?

    • My question for you “Snow White is WHY DO YOU KEEP RUNNING AWAY FROM THE TRUTH? You accomplished your goal. In spite of that you persist on denying what a good deal of people know. Remember that what happened to me did not occur in a vacuum. People were there and witnessed the whole thing. There were also OTHER victims. Remember the blog some BULLY wrote about those who were my friends? The “Murt Skirt” blog?

      I also find it curious that you have set up yet another PRIVATE BLOG! Why is that? Wake up to what? by the way. Also, what is this Lulu thing you keep talking about. Your sock puppet, Cinderella, commented on this term and then turned tail and ran before answering that question.

      Again I find it curious that after almost TWO YEARS of me being shut down you persist in writing comments in this rather small blog. What is it you fear? I wonder.

      It is morning. Time to take the dogs out.

      Stay tuned


  • Cinderella says:

    wow- haven’t popped in for almost 2 weeks and I see you have a new conspiracy theory. My theory is that THERE IS NO CONSPIRACY. Just a few bloggers who remember you from the past and drop by now and then. You COULD always set your comments to private if you so choose…but I think you like the interaction. I do not now nor ever have had any motive or played any part in your “drama”. Don’t like my comments? BLOCK ME. You’re beyond paranoid, Murt. Way, way beyond.

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