As the days, weeks and months go by, I find myself bemused by the obsession regarding the case of Casey Anthony. This is not so much the obsession by those who who feel that Casey got away with murder but with a certain group obsessed with those who hold that viewpoint.

This same group of people who, from day one, ranted and raved about those who felt that Casey had murdered Caylee and constantly blogged, chatted and tweeted about Casey, are still at it today.

What this group does not seem to understand is that this is the logical result that would occur when Casey was acquitted by the jury of all the serious charges against Casey. What is interesting is that there are those within this group that, to this day, rant and rave about the verdicts rendered regarding OK Simpson and Michael Jackson. I think the fact that these defendants were men had something to do with that.

The numbers that are now following any development regarding Casey is smaller as time passes. Most have moved on to other more current issues. The few who are actively concerned confine their comments to Casey and their concern that Casey not make any money or otherwise profit from Caylee’s death.

Their critics, on the other hand, still resort to personal attacks and demeaning images of individuals who are “anti-Casey” rather than offering any sort of intelligent insight regarding their viewpoint.

It looks like the beating of the dead horse is going to be around much longer than I had anticipated since these same people have nothing better to do than bash those with opposing viewpoints.

Such is life on the internet.

Stay tuned



  • agranny says:

    Yes Murt ,it seems these people will pick on a group for nothing but the thrill of the hate wars .. They just love to bully, pure and simple ..Most of them are the same little worthless group of people with nothing better to do with their lives .Instead of it geting the results they wanted ,now they are laughable and the joke of the internet.. if it wasnt so sad I would be laughing too .Have a good one Murt…. Peace out with love to all

    • Agranny:
      Since the group has been able to get away with what they have done, they feel they have the right to keep pressing on no matter how immoral and unethical their actions are. They are the vandals of the blogs and forums on the internet. Actions by these kinds of people discourage those who DO have ethics and morals from taking part in any discussion regarding any topic of concern at any given time.

      The case of Casey Anthony and the plight of Caylee has brought out the best and worst in people. The reputation and credibility of forums and blogs has been tarnished by the ever increasing numbers of trolls and bullies that spoil things for the rest of us.

      At one time, the mainstream media worried that the power of the individual owned blogs and forums would surpass them in reliance and influence.
      Now the blogs and forums are nothing more than a joke to them.


  • Geri Bouwman says:

    This is your best blog yet. No they won’t go away. One of them posted for CA to put out more pics and videos and see who gets the most media action Casey or Whitney Housten. OMG! The nerve. These people have no scrooples. They are hateful. They need to go away.

    All they’re petitions are a waste of time as they are a big waste of time and peoples energy. They talk about Karma. Well Karma is well on her way. And guess where she is headed. HB/JB and your warrior gang, be afraid. Be very afraid

    • Geri:
      The groups that both agree and disagree with the verdict Casey received are guilty of going to extremes on the blogs. There are people out there on both sides that are capable of expressing their viewpoints without going off the edge. Unfortunately those who DO go to the extreme and get into personal attacks are those who are causing most of the trouble. I am not sure what to make of the Whitney Houston comment some of them have made. It is a rude comment to say the least but in retrospect is nothing more than a comment made in bad taste. What concerns me more is when personal information regarding individuals in the group is published and the bullying that is done by the participants elevates to a point where a great deal of harm is done to someone.

      The blogs and forums used to be a place to discuss the topics of the day and debate viewpoints. People used to respectfully disagree. That is no longer the case. The internet is now nothing more than a playground for bulllys.


  • agranny says:

    Just wanted to address Geri a minute.
    I am one of the boycotters ,I live to see Justice for Caylee Marie.It is not a waste of time or we would have done seen her ugly mug on the telly… Rather it ever does any good or not ,I for one will not give the fight up.I don’t know much about the Hb/ jb thing , I have the page on my fb and I enjoy their articles… The Bullies I was referring to are the ones bashing anyone who wants justice for Caylee. It’s a personnal choice and all they do is stir the crap up cause thats what they do .Murt knows who these so called writers are ,thats a joke too lol (inside joke) I don’t fight with them ,I just pay attention to who the bullies are.. I pick my side ,it’s not hard to see right from wrong . Just wanted to clear my first comment up … Peace out and love to all

    • Agranny:
      My blog was not so much about the boycotts and other actions regarding Casey being paid for any interview, but the personal attacks people are making against each other. It is one thing to object to an action and express and opinion and quite another to engage in name calling and the posting demeaning images against specific individuals..

      It seems there is a group of bullies out there that do not like the boycott efforts and rather related actions who rather than than state their objections in a respectful manner, are in stead, engaging in personal attacks and other bullying tactics.


  • agranny says:

    Yes Murt I seen the actions of the bullies on Twitter …. Seems like a old story just different peeps they are bulling. I just will never understand what they get out of it …I am sure my name will be on a blog out there in bully land somewhere ,cause I wrote on your blog lol but sure won’t be the first time and I doubt the last… It’s only words Murt and heck I have dealt with much worse in real life .
    What saddens me is some of these bullies followed the case right with us and they know how guilty Casey is.. I wish Casey no harm other than a terrible life ,I sure as heck do not want her making money on her dead child that we all know it is her fault the baby is no longer here .I dont care about the outcome of the trial ,She is not innocent in any way.I just can not understand how their minds work,especially since they read all the docs etc just like the rest of us .They know the truth ,Nobody cares about Caylee anymore ,she was a living person who got threw away like trash for no damn reason other than a self absorbed family.But hey ,Just my opinion and we all got one .I dont cram my views down anyones throats and I think it should be our right to voice out opinions without a bunch of silly ass women bulling us ,but thats the internet world … Peace out Murt with love to all

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