Another famous person has died. Another famous person has died too soon. Another person has died from drug abuse. This seems to be the price of fame and fortune today. As fame and fortune increase, the need to self destruct seems to follow fame and fortune exponentially.

In this age of instant news, it took less than an hour after she died for the news of Whitney Houston’s death to appear on the internet.  Within hours, the cause of her death became known and the accusations and the blame game began. Such is the power of the internet that has been handed to the individual. Our influence, both good and bad is shown in the example of how the news of  Whitney’s death is being reported and discussed.

The degree of abuse of a story of this nature is also being demonstrated by some out there who are taking part in distasteful actions in the wake of her death.

2012 is certain to go down as a landmark year for demonstrating how people use the ever more powerful tools of the social media to discuss topics and set trends for the future.

Stay tuned


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