Well, it is sock puppet time. My stalker is back with yet another sock puppet moniker. I do find it curious that this person keeps coming back to this small blog and making her snide little comments.

The reason for this wondering is the fact that she has accomplished her goal. I no longer do webcasts. I am no longer a subscriber to Paltalk. No more “roofriders” no more Live truck road trips. Zilch. In spite of all of that she appears on the scene commenting on an OLDER blog article.

The answer, of course, is that I have struck a nerve. I am telling the truth and she knows it. Others who know the truth are reminding her of that in their own subtle ways.

Her so called “close friend” still writes to me with updates as to her actions. She has yet again set up another PRIVATE BLOG to which only that select few are allowed the “honor” of accessing.

What is it we all have to “wake up” to this time? I do notice that there is no major case similar to Casey Anthony in the news. There is, of course the residual reactive activities out there primarily by the “Caylee’s warriers” and others who feel there was an injustice done with the acquittal of Casey of any charges relating to the fate of Caylee.

Her latest tirade is toward the Caylee warriers group. She is again active with blog posts and photoshopped images as well as delving into the personal affairs of the members and followers of this group.

“Snow White” does not post who she actually is and chooses a stupid fantasy username yet again. Why is that? I wonder. Is she going to claim the stalking nonsense yet again?

Sorry, that fairy tale will not fly. Nobody is stalking this sock puppet, Snow White. Nobody is going by her house and taking pictures and that of nearby landmarks. Nobody is passing around counterfeit posts and instant messages purported to be written by her. Nobody is calling around to various law enforcement agencies and making false reports about her. She is, in fact, being largely ignored.

Perhaps it is that being ignored that has caused “Snow White” to show up on this blog and start playing her little game yet again.

Stay tuned



  • Snow White says:

    I’m not who you think I am. And nope, of course I dont put my real name out on the internet, thats just stupid. And nope, I dont have a stalker, dont want one hence the not broadcasting my name on your blog. Seems to me you’ve occasionally kept company with some questionable people and of course I have no desire to be the target of their ire.
    Yes, I commented on an a not so fresh blog post of yours, I didnt realize that was taboo. Are we only allowed to comment on your most current drivel?
    As much as you and your three followers love a conspiracy, one simply does not exist. I chose the name “snow white” probably subliminally because I kept reading about you being tortured by someone using the name Cinderella, and when you think of Cinderella, Snow White follows.
    So again, to clarify, I am not S. Goddard as you seem to infer with your latest blog post, nor am I affiliated with her, or anyone else. I am just a person who bumped into your universe back when the news of Caylee’s disappearance was all the rage. Truth be told, the first mention of you came to me at webslugsleuths. I kept seeing ppl post about MURT and I didnt know what a MURT was, frankly I thought MURT might be the call letters of a little radio station from the Phillipines or something. Took me awhile, but I did eventually find out what a MURT was, and you’ve been entertaining me in so many ways ever since.

    • Well, “Snow White” you are both a liar and a coward. If you are not the other nut case you ARE someone closely affiliated with her. It is easy to sling accusations around and hide behind a sock puppet/anonymous username.

      I did not say commenting on the Cinderella article was taboo, just that it was curious that you chose that article to comment on and the wording you chose to use as well.

      You claim that a conspiracy against me does not exist? Well even S Goddard would have to disagree with you since it was SHE who admitted at least one in a blog she wrote regarding a prominent party to a still missing child case. She has also admitted to other “activities” against me in her many blog articles both current and deleted.

      We also must not forget the many blogs and related sites set up SOLELY to criticize a 61 year old widowed unemployed truck driver whose only claim to fame is to have the smallest and most insignificant blog on the internet.

      I find your demeaning of Websleuths by calling them SLUGS rather telling as well. How interesting. Even though I have been banned from that blog forever, I have a lot of respect for that forum, the owner, and those who choose to read and comment there.

      I also find it interesting that you find your “entertainment” regarding the “drivel” by the owner of such a small blog of that you claim to have only THREE followers.

      YOU have to be one of those three since the only way to know when something is published here is to FOLLOW the blog’s rss feeds or the twitter and facebook accounts where it is linked.

      I would think that there are other more meaningful places worthy of providing more substantive “entertainment” then the smallest blog on the internet.

      I rather think the truth lies elsewhere.

      Stay Tuned


    • Another curious fact. In the body of the comment made by Snow White is a link to a WordPress blog. One that is an eyes only private blog. It turns out that someone knows who the owner of that blog is. Care to guess who?


  • Snow White says:

    Yes, I own a wordpress blog, and its private. Guess why, besides the glaring obvious reason, because I CAN.
    Murt, I am not sure who the “one of three people” you are referring to, I can guess one is Ms Goddard, but I am not sure who the other two are, but I can assure you, you are wrong wrong wrong. I am no one you’ve heard of, I’ve written no insidious, inflammatory blogs about you. And going back just a bit reading your posts, there are more than three candidates named–I believe I could be anyone of six people, and I only went back a few months …but back to my “eyes only” blog you seem to think has some secret superpower I am denying you–in case you didnt glean this little nugget of information; your wordpress dashboard offers a blog owner security settings to secure who comes into your little virtual world…that gives you a modicum of control on the worldwideweb—make no mistake there are 7th graders who can hack into the white house security system with one arm behind their back, our little wordpress blogs are elementary to them…however I cant imagine many people who would waste hacking skills on your blog, my blog or pretty much anyone who reads either one…
    I feel the need to keep repeating myself, because I find it irresponsible and frankly, bad form for you to accuse blameless people for my comments. I have no secret alliance or motive to express my opinion, nor am I obligated to give you my personal information. The internet precludes all of us from being held accountable for opinions we express virtually, that’s why its VIRTUAL. Its not real life. The internet and mostly all content within is NOT real. I could compose a blog post right now alluding that you are a pinko commie sympathizer with an aversion to redheads. I don’t imagine any of that statement is true, but you cant do a damn thing if I decide to float that out into cyberspace.
    Honestly, if I felt it was safe and you wouldn’t instigate a smear campaign against me or worse, I might give you access to my mostly empty blog. I think you would be the third visitor, after myself and my adult daughter who popped in to see the theme I chose. I don’t have to justify why I own an eyes only blog at wordpress, I didn’t pay a dime for the ability to control who comes by and gains entrance. But I feel like you are using my comments to further some agenda of yours that probably has nothing to do with me, in fact I know it has nothing to do with me, because you don’t know me, and I think you KNOW you don’t know me, but that doesn’t make for the kind of twitter updates you like to post does it?
    Is it possible I just think what I think and posted it, with no ulterior motive? Do you only post comments that are full on positive and never express criticism or question a blogger who blogged whatever they blogged? You never disagree with a blog post and express that opinion?

    I am sure I havent addressed all the queries you posed in your post, but I’ve defended my right to have an opinion more than necessary. I havent committed a crime, I’m guilty of nothing, but you give me a creepy uneasy feeling because you are trying to use me for cross purposes, to further your agenda. I simply must say again, don’t blame others because I dared express a thought you didn’t like. Would you feel better if I created a blog and let you come by and behave in whatever fashion you feel appropriate? What would make you feel better? Dont say my name, address, rank and serial number. I am just not divulging that to you, or anyone other blog owner…and I have NEVER been asked to divulge anything about myself, and I’ve posted some truly diverse opinions. I’ve only had to justify my opinion with one other site owner in all the years I’ve had internet access. And even then, justifying my opinion didnt include my real life information with gps to my front door.
    Lastly, defending the owner of websleuths doesn’t endear you to anyone, least of all the owner. She’s the reason I ever came out in cyberspace trying to figure out what “murt” was….

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