A rather interesting conversation this morning peaked my interest to do some exploring so to speak as to the current status of Casey Anthony. The rather old news of the day has her at The Cross Church in Palm City, Florida.


There has been reports of her being seen being driven around town but not much else. Unlike the video that was released months ago, Casey does not seem to have much freedom to roam around, much less party.

This church, described by the local press as being rather off beat is able to do something her parents were not able to and that is to keep her in check.

Her party days seem to be over or at least on hold for now. As an aside, it was reported that a strip club offered her a job. Of course, she turned that one down. When news spread to neighbors of the church that Casey was in the area, there was a brief protest with the usual signs proclaiming their disdain that she might be among them and at least one “Casey is innocent” sign was reported to be seen.

Which brings me to another interesting find on the internet. I was sent a link to what is supposed to be an “official” Facebook page by Casey.

Unfortunately, in order to access anything she might have to say, you have to send a friend request. So far she only has one friend listed, Joy Wray, who, I have been told,  still has contact with the Anthony family. I understand that George sent her an e-mail several months back. Not known is what he said to her.

Jose Baez is no longer her lawyer and she does not have any sort of agent to field any book or movie offers…or does she. Is the church going to take over that role? Has Casey found herself drawn into a cult of sorts as was brought out in this mornings conversation?

Has Casey found herself in a prison after all?

Stay tuned


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