I have seen that the facebook page that is claimed to be set up by and written by Casey Anthony is now more active. This is perhaps because I have been given access to read it or somehow it has shown up in my page.


This is a general note purported to have been written by Casey as a message for all who visit her page.

“About Casey Marie

I am not here to gain anyones respect, friendship, or trust. I am here to enter back into the real world and reconnect with my family. With the past events that recently took place, I have lost everything, one including my little girl (Caylee) which no words can explain how much I miss and love her. She is my everything!

Everyone is entitled to their own opinions, I’ve heard everything, been called everything your critisizm will not offend me, it will simply make me stronger!


In the event that it is an authentic page by Casey, I would feel that it is incumbent on all of us to at least try and respect her freedom to express herself in what manner she chooses. We all have our feelings about Casey and what happened in regards to Caylee. We can only hope that someday Casey will come clean and explain to those of us who want to know, exactly what happened to Caylee and why.

If, on the other hand, the facebook page turns out to be a hoax by someone for attention or a joke, it is not funny.

Stay Tuned




  • mischieve says:

    It’s a fake. Those pictures she has posted as her “mobile” album were posted on another facebook profile two days before she posted them. There are about a million profiles and twitter accounts claiming to be Casey now. Like that would be a good thing??

    • The Facebook site demonstrates how easy it is to make counterfeit content and have it seem like it was made by the person who is the victim. Remember that when people say “he posted that” or “he said that.” It is getting harder every day to know what is real and what is fake on the internet.


  • Mischieve says:

    It’s truly sad that there are people so hungry for attention they will even pretend to be a murderer! Besides, she has been told not to participate in social media while she is on probation. The other page that had the new pictures is the “Support Casey Anthony” page. You can see where the Support Casey’s “BH” initials have been cropped out of the fake Casey’s pictures. No big surprise.

    By the way, I saw your post on “her” profile and I have to disagree… she was not found innocent, she was found not guilty BECAUSE there was not enough evidence to find her guilty. That is a huge difference from being found innocent.

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