Well, when the bullying of Miley Ray Cyrus came across the mainstream news, I was reminded of the twitter posts of Michelle Lynn McKee and her BFF’S who decided it was cute to post death wishes against me along with the other demeaning internet posts and entries out there.

This post by Ms. Cyrus was aired on ABC news this morning along with the story about someone wanting her to DIE!


“Miley Ray Cyrus@MileyCyrus

@MileyCyrusBz I wont tolerate someone telling me 2 die. I think Twitter needs to take some responsibility and make it a safe environment!”

Ms. Cyrus was responding to a series of posts by someone who declares that they hate her. IT is one thing to openly state you hate someone and quite another to wish someone DEAD as has been done to me.

I was again called last night , by the way,  By Kfcfan/Renzolovescake demanding yet again that I commit suicide on cam. I guess he will not stop until I grant him his wish.


Stay Tuned




  • Cinderella says:


    • I tried getting a second cellphone and ignoring the calls on my main number.. I once had three numbers, two for my residence and one cellphone. He found out ALL of the numbers. If I refused to answer one number, he simply called the others.

      Also, when I quit paying attention to his calls, he started to retaliate by calling people I know and other antics. Allowing him to continue to call keeps the damage he causes to a minimum.

  • Cinderella says:

    Your carrier (cellular) would probably waive the fee to issue you a new phone # due to your allegations of daily menacing calls (documented). One wonders why you haven’t already done that?

    • One wonders why you do NOT address the issue of the person DEMANDING THAT I COMMIT SUICIDE. There are two reasons why I did not change the number:

      1: It is a business number with hundreds of contacts. The financial loss of changing it would have been tremendous.

      2: Kfcfan/Renzolovescake seems to have the ability to find any number I have as he has called my other number when I refuse to answer my main cellphone. He also resorts to sending e-mails.

      Also, since I allow others to listen in on his calls, it allows me to PROVE the stalking by this individual.


    • One interesting point here is that Cinderella does not address the fact this individual making the calls other than to address the suggestion I change the number. Obviously Cinderella does not understand the major inconvenience of doing this.

      Cinderella seems not to care this person is making these calls and engaging in other illegal conduct.

      OF that I am not surprised.


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