My my my, what a way to start a new year. Not 1012 mind you but 2013! A continuance was granted today for the delay of the civil trial brought by the woman accused of being Zanny the nanny by Casey Anthony in her string of lies to Orange County Florida detectives during the initial investigation into what may have happened to Caylee in the summer of 2008.

For whatever strange reasons were in the minds of the defense attorneys of Casey Anthony, they sought and were granted an extended continuance of the civil trial to January 2nd, 2013.

Since the world is supposed to end in December of 2012, they probably thought they could avoid a trial all together.

CASEY FUCKS US AGAIN!The defense must think that over this next year people will forget about Casey and her lies and thus the finding will go her way. I think just the opposite is true. Now all of us bloggers forum participants chatters and new media multimedia streamers along with Nancy Grace and her ilk will have that much MORE time to drone on commenting ranting, raving and speculating through the remainder of this year and most likely well into 2013. Smooth move dude.

In the event the world does NOT end in December of this year, the new year looks like it will start with a bang. Winter 2013,  in Orlando,  looks like it will be warmer than usual.



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