AN EPISODE OF ADULT CYBERBULLYING.!/badme68/media/slideshow? have been flooded over the past few weeks by comments and e mails regarding a blog war that has been going on for some time now. Things finally came to a head when I was sent links to tweets that were made in regards to a grandmother and a grandchild.

For the record, I am NOT taking sides in this on line blood feud but, instead, offer the tweets posted by the victim of what I consider an unspeakably cruel set of tweets that was directed toward her. As the parent of a deceased child and also a victim of this kind of cruelty, I have some idea how she must feel.

Here, now, in order, are the Tweets I am discussing in this article:

@Badme had posted these series of tweets in regards to an alleged Tweet posted by what she claims is a “sock puppet” twitter account set up by @Radionewz:


I would like everyone to read and pass along what I am about to say regarding @radionewzblog and her tweet about me not seeing my Grandson.-


My Grandson DIED on October 27th and that’s the reason I don’t see him any longer. How anyone could stoop THAT low and evil is beyond me–


but she has. Obviously, she is a sick, twisted and EVIL psychopath, that is in need of some serious intervention. I am seriously in shock-


that anyone could stoop so low, and shame on me for being surprised. I am truly devastated and outraged at the same time, but I now see that


the most evil, twisted, and ugliest form of disgusting nothingness resides inside Radio aka Judy Kane. I shudder to think of how she treats-


her OWN child, and hopefully, for him–he has distanced himself from her sociopathic and deranged behavior. There are only 2 people I shared


this information with, and only ONE of them told her. Am I surprised? Not really. Am I hurt? You bet. BUT maybe, just maybe everyone, and–


I mean EVERYONE will see those sick pieces of SHIT for who they really are.


Please RT this until your fingers bleed. All of you child advocates out there need to spread the word of how Radio just mocked and ridiculed


the death of an innocent BABY–my grandson. I hope u rot in hell for all of eternity for just this. The rest was fair game, but not this.

Badme68 has written a blog regarding this incident. Read it and judge for yourself.

Again I must stress that I am NOT taking sides in this matter. I know Radio and have not had any reason to be concerned about her. I also know what it is like to be falsely accused of things of this nature.

However, there have been instances in the past where a grandmother has been mocked as well as the death of her grandchild mocked by cyber thugs that have no heart and have no idea how it hurts to have a child or grandchild pass away.

Incidents such as this one are all too common in the blog wars lately and there seems to be no stopping it.

There are scores of blogs and other websites dedicated to cyberbullying among children and young adults, but all too few dealing with ADULT cyber bullying. Debate about this subject is way overdue.

Stay tuned



  • stormy says:

    Did Badme tell you she has tweeted lies about my son, and posted personal IM’s, now that is bullying don’t ya think…

    • Wendy:
      As I stated in the article, I am NOT taking sides. I also posted it because I went through the exact same thing. There were and are all sorts of accusations about ME floating around on the internet. NOBODY but NOBODY addressed the fact that ALL the accusations were false and elaborate fabrications by other bloggers and even the members of the family of a missing child in order to, according to at least one blogger, to divert attention from the truth about the family dynamics that played a role in that child being missing in the first place.

      The fact of the matter is that the blogs have strayed away from discussing the plight of missing children and have engaged instead in these personal attacks against each other. By doing this article and a follow up with Radionewz’s viewpoint, I hope to address this issue and wake some people up to the degree of fraud that is being posted on the internet and that those who make these false accusations be made accountable for their actions.


  • Anon says:

    I was very sorry to see Stormy’s son brought into things. No one’s personal information should ever be brought into online “fights”. Especially when it comes to our children. There are just lines that should not ever be crossed.

    Over the past 3+ years following Haleigh’s case, many of us have made friends and shared information about ourselves. And unfortunately, some of us have had falling outs with those friends. That doesn’t give us any justification to share any information we learned in the course of a friendship.

    What I do not understand at this point in time is dragging up information that is several years old about old arguments to try and upset people? Especially people that are now friends. Does it really matter if someone said something nasty about someone else several years ago when they were not friends? Let the past stay in the past and just move on.

    • stormy says:

      Very well said Anon, My point exactly and what I was trying to make to badme weeks ago.. and will state even though she has released personal info on me, and brought my son into her rants, I did not release any of her personal info she told me in the past.. The past is the past, it has been 3 years and folks have moved on and some have made amends..Seems some just like to stay miserable and wants others to be too..

  • agranny says:

    murt ,I think some people on the computer love the blog wars … They love the high they get or something ,to me its all sickening. Most of the time it’s both parties slinging crap ,so I don’t think it can be called bulling! Maybe immature bullshit.( I am speaking in this case) the worse always seems when its friends turning on friends because they have the personnal info.Thats sad. Sometimes it is just time to step away from the computer and join the real world ,at least you have a better chance with a live person lol Its spring ,get out smell the polluted air lol do something ya all with your lives before it’s to late .Peace out and Love to all .. Murt ,God Bless and Keep you safe

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