Almost immediately after I made the blog article about the accusations by Badme68, Radionewz answered on Twitter regarding her side of the story. Hers was a counter claim that Badme68 is actually Cybil, an internet personality who has been accused of some rather bad actions of her own.

I am offering this blog to those on all sides of the issue to hash this all out. I will post ALL comments regardless of what is said about whom. I offer these two articles as an example of how a person with good intentions can start an on line presence and then have their efforts side tracked by individuals with evil intent. Their motives are twisted and meant solely to gain attention, good or bad.

Let us all see how the debate goes and see if the truth of what has been going on not only  with those for and against the viewpoints of Badme68 and Radionewz but those who are familiar about what happened to me over the past 4 years.


Stay Tuned




  • badme102 says:

    Cybil? Bwahahaha! Radio doesn’t want me to say who Cybil REALLY is, does she? Nah, I don’t think so.
    I wonder why she’s trying so hard to get me to ‘out’ someone? Hmmmm.

    Murt, do you have an email address?

    Thanks again, Murt for posting the TRUTH about @radionewzblog. She’s pure evil for what she said. Period.

  • badme102 says:

    I suppose I was Trinity too, right? ROFL

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