Well, I supposed I am going to pay a bit of a price for entering this shit storm but I do have a purpose here. First to fill people from the outside as to what the hell is going on here.

A well known and highly respected blogger known as Radionewz was accused of making some really inappropriate comments about the grandson of Badme68. I had been sent various e-mails by neutral parties regarding the ongoing disputes that have been going on with all sides of those who write about and read about the case of Haleigh Cummings.

For whatever reason, Radionewz is the hub out of which all of these debates radiate, followed closely by those around Levi Page, kim P and others. The intensity of these debates have sparked a highly intensive series of personal attacks by supporters and detractors off all who surround this case.

This is virtually identical to what happened with those who followed and are still following the Casey Anthony case.

Now to the matter at hand. I published an article by Badme68 stating her claim as to what Radionewz has purported to have posted on Twitter regarding her deceased grandchild,

In the second installment, I posted Radionewz’s counter point to Badme68’s claim.

In between these blog installments I have been interacting on twitter with both parties their supporters and detractors regarding this dispute. The latest claim by Radionewz is that there is no grand child and that the whole thing by Badme69 is a hoax.

This reminds me of the massive instant message hoax that was and is still being played out by Sandra Goddard and her band of internet thugs who have pushed this fraud on the internet for the past four years.

IF this episode by Badme68 does indeed turn out to be a HOAX, then it will prove exactly what I have been trying to get across to people for YEARS.

Just because someone says something or “produces” something claiming a document is genuine, does not make it fact. ANYTHING and EVERYTHING on the internet can be FAKED.






  • Cinderella says:

    Just like you, Murt. You never disappoint. Make it all about Murt and hope people will follow. LOL. Murt – I want to say this to you, gently, (*whispers*) NOBODY GIVES A FUCK ABOUT YOUR OPINION. Your credibility is ZERO. You’ve been proven to be a liar, a scammer and a fraud. Facts don’t lie. Why not sit down and shut the fuck up?

    • Nobody gives a fuck? YOU certainly give a FUCK since you are here putting comment after comment after comment here. WHy is that? I wonder. Must be the bees kicked you out of the hive again.


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