NO MENTION OF CASEY ANYWHEREA clear indication of the decrease in media interest with Casey Anthony can be seen when one logs into the web pages of the local media outlets here in Orlando, Florida.

NOT EVEN THE PUPPET CHANNEL HAS ANYTHING ABOUT CASEY ON THEIR MAIN PAGEFor the past three years, the media news websites had an exclusive link devoted entirely to Casey Anthony. These links contained a huge library of everything related to Casey and the case as well as to the story of Caylee Marie.

All of this is now gone. There is no more exclusive areas devoted to Casey. Yes, you can still find SOME of the material if you know how to look for it. However, no longer will the name Casey Anthony be seen in the headers of the news outlets as the story and Casey fade into the realm of “old news.”

The exception, of course is with those who will never forgive Casey or forget what they perceive what she has done.


Stay Tuned


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  • Esmerelda says:

    That is because no one cares about Casey Anthony. just wait a bit there will be someone else who brutally murdered their own child before the summers over

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