It had to happen sooner or later. A case would come up to point out a weakness in Florida’s “stand your ground” law. A neighborhood watch volunteer shot a 17 year old to death and was not arrested.

This incident has garnered national attention and has sparked a nationwide effort to get similar laws repealed or at least the “no duty to retreat” provision changed.

Florida’s stand your ground law is similar to Florida’s castle doctrine which covers the inside or property of a homeowner. Florida’s stand your ground law extends this provision to public areas both indoors and outdoors as well as in your motor vehicle.

The problem here is not so much with the law itself as with lazy cops who do not know how to examine a situation to determine if the law applies to it or not. The Zimmerman case is a prime example of the weakness of a law such as this. Law enforcement officers are often not trained in the fine points of the law and as a result will either not arrest or arrest based on bad judgment.

In this case NOT arresting Zimmerman was extreme bad judgement to say the least. It has wound up creating another case that is giving Florida unwanted attention and again giving the state a bad reputation.

It should be made a requirement when this state passes ANY law that law enforcement is properly TRAINED as to how to APPLY the law as well as be required to ENFORCE the law.

What good is a law if you know nothing about it and thus refuse to enforce it?

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