By nature I am a documentary fan. I watch Investigation Discovery and today I just finished watching a remarkable and moving program. It is the story of women convicted of killing their mates because “they could not take it any more” or that they felt their lives were in danger.

This is one program BOTH men and women should watch in order to understand domestic violence and prevent it. Also, watching this program may move those with the resources to help change the laws regarding domestic violence and help get some of these women new trials or their sentences commuted.


Stay tuned




  • Cinderella says:

    Were you watching this show while munching grapes under the tree you’re living under? Just wondering.

    • SINderella:
      Do you even CARE about the subject of abused women who are in prison because they attempted to defend themselves and SAVE THEIR LIVES in the process.

      By the tone of your comment, the answer is no. Does this mean that you are a woman who actually supports abuse against women?

      Now that’s a twist.

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