Here we go again. I have been quietly observing an ongoing twitter campaign by someone on that service by the username of @Leviexposed. As I read the accusations this person is making, I am reminded of the 4 year long smear campaign against me.

Since I have had a bit of an argument with Levi in the past, it would be all too easy to jump on the bandwagon and interact with this person.

Common sense and my own experience with hateful bullies cause me to step back and look at the big picture here. This pause comes right on the heels of tonight’s 20/20 segment on bullying on the internet. The second story was more relevant to my victimization than the Rutgers gay student that committed suicide although Renzolovescake and others call me daily demanding I do the same thing.

In the second case it was a woman scorned that defamed an innocent victim and found herself slapped with a $400,000 judgment. Luck is on the side of this nutty woman  as, for now, what she did is NOT a criminal offense. It should be.

Now to get back to this @Leviexposed person. What really got to me was this direct message sent to me on twitter:

Levi Exposed@LeviExposed

@MURTWITNESSONE i am exposing @levipage will you help me or will u be a coward like @badme68??????????????????

Now, calling me a COWARD because I will not support accusing the people this person has listed of things that are just plain out there, is NOT the way to get me to join this cause.

This kind of bullshit needs to stop. Either this @Leviexposed person comes up with PROOF for all of these claims or it is THIS person that needs to be exposed as a cyber abuser and bully.

Stay Tuned



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