The news had a story this morning that reminds me of my experiences with those who stalked me over the years. Spike lee, on his twitter account,  posted the address of the man accused of shooting the teenager over in Sanford, Florida which is about 20 miles from where I now live. This stunt is dumb enough and it was made worse when he posted the WRONG address.

This dumb move caused untold misery for the innocent victims of his poor judgement. I had the same thing happen to me. Not only did my stalkers post my complete address on line but also posted a photo road map of how to get there and what amounted to a photo inventory of what I owned. The net result is that I was the victim of several burgleries and lost thousands worth of tools and equipment as a result.

It is stunts like these that demonstrate just how evil cyber bullies can be. Now Spike Lee can join those with this label.



  • Cinderella says:

    Are you really sleeping under trees as your tweets indicate? Going cross-country for the super secret Symposium conferences and not one person in your group could help you secure an apartment?

    • Well well PECOS, you just could not resist coming back and STIRRING UP DRAMA. What’s the matter, nobody paying attention to you over in the other blog? Are you getting lonely for attention again. Did the CAPTAIN throw you off her BLUE ship?

      Sucks being you doesn’t it.

      What name are you using to read my twitter account? Or you too much of a coward to tell?
      What kind of person gloats about making someone homeless anyway?


  • Cinderella says:

    I took the liberty of writing a “catchy” headline. This, if true, would really be a great human interest story and would certainly get your name back in the local Florida headlines. The catch will be whether or not it’s verifiable.

    Homeless Caylee Anthony New Media “MURT” sleeping under trees. Continues to update his blog and twitter. Says haters and trolls have ruined his life. Details at 9.

    • Well, I see my friend from TUCSON just could not stay away. Why not tell the world who you REALLY are or are you still the COWARD you have been for years. Curious that YOU CAME BACK, isn’t it?

      Stll calling cops to ask “one more question?”

      See you at the follies.


    • Notice folks that Lis, er Cinderella comes back to make her snide remarks, YET AGAIN in an article that has nothing to do WITH ME but is on another subject entirely. This is her pattern, you see. Pecos/Cinderella has been this way for years. She stalks ME. Why is this? I wonder.

      All I have left is this small blog. I do not stream, I do not go live at major events around Orlando. I make an occasional tweet and spend the majority of my time either on Facebook or just trying to get through each day.

      I think I know the answer. Pecos/Cinderella knows all my PERSONAL information. you see.

      She knows what birthday is coming up April 2nd and the pain that day brings to me each year. She decided to dig the knife in just a little deepet.

      That is the kind of person Cinderella is, the kind that hates, the kind that bullies, the kind that lies.


      • Cinderella says:

        WTF? I am not Lis+ – not anyone who previously “moderated” in your chats. You don’t know me. I NEVER in any of my posts to you alluded to any date of any kind. I think you’re two squirts short of a full load. Honestly, Murt – I think you done busted a nut. I read you rants and I just say…oh, my – that guy must be NUTS. I don’t know anything about you EXCEPT what is out there and what you’ve shared publically. I’m not part of any forum or group as I’ve already told you. I think you need to seek professional mental attention. Your paranoia is getting the best of you.

    • What is interesting is that YET AGAIN this Cinderella person COMPLETELY IGNORES the subject I wrote about and again ENGAGES IN A PERSONAL attack. This from someone who claims not to know me and says that I do not know who she is.


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