Well, Cinderella has done it yet again. She has proven herself both a stalker and a liar. How has she done this? Quite simple, really. She made a statement that “she does not have an agenda.” Well her comments say otherwise. They are quite negative in nature and they all have the same message. “CLOSE THE BLOG DOWN AND GET OFF THE INTERNET!!!!”

Now we go back to the original statement I made regarding this individual, ” If I am not that important then why do you keep coming back here? “

She has made a pitiful excuse about watching a train wreck or something along those lines. Well, the so called train wreck happened a long time ago. It has been over a year since I did a webcast and the live truck has not moved in over TWO YEARS!

So, what is the deal with Cinderella anyway?

I have stated time and again that this is the smallest and most poorly written blog on the internet. Yet since January of this year (UNDER HER CURRENT USERNAME) she has come in here and derided me in great detail, in the process documenting her obsession with me by knowing a lot of minute details about my presence on the internet since as far back as 2000.

Cinderella, in her latest round of comments, which is a record for her by the way, is stuck on this fantasy that she sent me $30.00 in a money order for a tire that I did not buy or need.

Anyone who followed the tire saga knows this incident happened late in the day over the weekend. The van is a commercial vehicle. It is not like a regular car in that it is heavy. This means it uses heavy duty tires, truck tires. You just do not go down to your local Wal Mart and buy tires for this thing. You have to go someplace that sells a specific kind of tire for a specific kind of vehicle.

In Orlando, these places are CLOSED for the weekend. Let us move on the the next little detail. Those who followed this little saga also know that it was NOT a FLAT tire but a tire that was starting to tear in the sidewall.

A few people did call around and tried to find a place that was open but none were. The end result was that I DROVE home and replaced the tire once I got there.

Cinderella stated that she sent me a money order THROUGH the mail for this tire. WHY? The issue was long RESOLVED and there was no need for the tire once I got to my house.

This claim of hers is important for two reasons.

First, she is remaining anonymous, not wanting to reveal who she is for fear of whatever I may do in return. Well anyone who has ever sent someone a money order knows what a bullshit statement this is.

A money order is a check. It contains certain information that is a clue as to who sent the thing. Of course in most cases the sender may not have to put a name on the check but there are still  clues there for people to garner who this person might be.

The old adage “LOCATION LOCATION LOCATION” comes to mind here. Cinderella said she MAILED the money order using a Post Office box as a return address. A post office box from WHAT CITY????

Not only would there be a return address but the zip code where the letter was processed would also provide a clue as to who this person is.

The western US city where this person comes from is one where only a certain person lives that has anything to do with me or my webcasts. This is a fact, pure and simple.

Also since post offices are CLOSED as is most places that sell money orders, the EARLIEST she would have been able to send a money order is on a MONDAY well after the tire issue was RESOLVED.

Moving on from the tire issue comes the comments about my twitter posts and my presence on Facebook and elsewhere. It indicates that Cinderella spends a lot of time TRACKING MY MOVEMENTS ALL OVER THE INTERNET!!

Sandra Goddard accused me of doing this exact thing and defined this as STALKING HER!

Well, using the Goddard standard Cinderella is STALKING ME. and quite intensely at that.

Now one has to wonder why someone who claims to be a 60 ish grandmother would spend her valuable time “researching” an unemployed truck driver several thousand miles from her. I am not famous, I am not a star. I am not major news media and as Sandra Goddard is so fond of reminding everyone, I am not a journalist. This is a small blog. This is an insignificant blog that is among thousands if not millions of other insignificant blogs out there.

In spite of this, Cinderella, the late night 60 year old stalker is posting comment after comment giving clues about who she is each time she makes a comment.

Virtually all of the comments are negative and most are angry ones. She calls me names and smears me in just about every one of them. Her bias against me is clearly obvious. Now is all this venom because of a $30.00 money order? Of course not since she never sent one in the first place. I expect soon that a photoshopped money order will work it’s way on here. My question is “what took her so long?” Photoshopping fake material only takes a few minutes. She should ask Sandra Goddard for help. Fake photoshop material is her specialty.

This is why I allow Cinderella, the most prolific and ONLY commenter to the blog at the moment to go on. She provides validation and proof of my being stalked and bullied and who it is doing the bullying.

Stay Tuned






  • ??????? says:

    Didn’t I read recently that Arizona has passed or thinking of passing an online anti bullying law? Seems like Cinderella should keep this in mind.

  • Cinderella says:

    Angry and name-calling? Unless you’re pulling a “sneaky pete” by fabricating some posts – I think my communication speaks for itself. Murt – ever wonder how you bottomed out in the blog business? From hundreds (or more) guests at one time to one or two? Why do you feel the need to “identify” me and insult me in the same post? My identity is immaterial. You’ve never met me and I doubt you ever will. This is just a blog. No need to get ugly or crazy. That crap about me passing out on a webcam video is so over the top. I’ve never even owned one. Still don’t. Unlike most of the people who hate your guts – I don’t. Didn’t then and don’t now. I’m not a stalker, either. I most certainly have an internet presence that far exceeds your little world. Why do you assume everyone is a stalker if they visit your wordpress blog and comment? I, personally, don’t feel that way. I’ve only had my blog a short time but I get some really eye opening dialogs. If I get an offending comment I just toss it and block.

  • Cinderella says:

    Where did I say my blog was “good” ? It’s just a blog. Human interest gets some hits. I mainly write for the cathartic value. The feedback is a bonus. You’re being ugly – not me.

    • So it is not good? Well since I cannot read the thing I cannot judge. The point is that you seem to be happy with it so why not spend more time there than wasteing it here. You make no sense at all.


  • Cinderella says:

    OK – I just read your linked article. I don’t get it tho…..I never accused you of ANYTHING except poor judgement. Can’t speak for the others you mention in your post.

  • Cinderella says:

    Now one has to wonder why someone who claims to be a 60 ish grandmother would spend her valuable time “researching” an unemployed truck driver several thousand miles from her. I am not famous, I am not a star. I am not major news media and as Sandra Goddard is so fond of reminding everyone, I am not a journalist. This is a small blog. This is an insignificant blog that is among thousands if not millions of other insignificant blogs out there.

    This, Murt, is why you failed. I never “researched” you. You left little for anyone to dig into. You did the work yourself. Stalkers, hackers, FBI, faked suicide, little black “thingys” installed….you’re crazy and hundreds of people agreed (see your site stats). You went from could have to a poster child of what NOT to do with sudden fame.

    What are you going to call me now?

    • Well LIAR for a start. You seem to forget that you have 30 plus posts here and they speak for themselves. You admit to “researching” me for hours in at least one of them. Your comment completely misses the point. I ask again, why bother being here at all? I faild, I am done, I am gone. In spite of all of this you persist on coming into this insignificant nothing of a blog and making comment after comment after comment. Why? Do YOU not have something construcive to do as you claim in one of your posts or is this blog your only form of “entertainment.” Again, Cinderella I do not know why you are here. It makes absolutely no sense at all.


  • ??????? says:

    Stupid. You Cinderella, not Murt. Why don’t you go find something constructive to do?

    • What I find interesting, ??? Is WHY ARE YOU HERE??? This is not an insult but a point I am trying to make. You are here because you WANT to be here. Nobody forced you to be here. And I agree with your point; Why is CINDERELLA here? She clearly states that she is among those who hates my guts; It is clear from her posts that she wishes me off the internet. She makes the point that I have nobody reading this thing, yet she comes here and spends a great deal of time reading AND commenting here. Some people make absolutely no sense to me.

      Stay tuned


  • Cinderella says:

    I specifically pointed out in my earlier post that I didn’t hate your guts. I’m a minority…I know that. Can you please link the video you accuse me of? The webcam of a drunken poster you identified as me?

    • Since that was a live webcast, that would be rather hard. Unlike Sandra Goddard, I do not go around recording hundreds of hours of a multimedia chat. I do believe that she is the source of the photo that did make its rounds on the internet at one time.


  • Cinderella says:

    Either put up or shut up. This video will become a sore spot for you if you don’t produce. Just like the “FBI at your house while you faked your suicide”. You have NO video of me. I never have and never will do anything webcam. You are a fucking liar, Murt.

    • I gather you do not know how webcams or live chats work. I did not record any session where the person I think you are was seen on webcam. Again the source for any recorded photo would be Sandra Goddard who even had the audacity to copyright the thing.
      Also if I did post that particular photo, the person who is depicted would promptly file a complain with WordPress to have this blog shut down for using her picture without her permission. She hates the truth and supresses it any way she can. Even when those records are recordings made by Law enforcement.


  • ??????? says:

    Murt Is that picture anything like the one of that huge slob that used to be one of your admins that showed her dog humping her face? You remember that, don’t you. LMFAO I do unfortunately I didn’t save it. Guess I should have saved a lot of things.

    • Oh, that must be the admin that had her SISTER exposed as being an UNREGISTERED sex offender. That particular administrator went on to join Ms Goddard in spite of the fact that it was Ms Goddard that exposed the information regarding her sister’s FOUR guilty pleas.

      She did not like the fact that I told her that I agreed with the owner of suspending her sister from her admin position there. This same woman actually signed up as a searcher with Texas Equusearh.

      Conveniently, THAT BLOG ARTICLE vanished from Sandra Goddard’s blog once she mader her “conversion” but is still on the internet as of right now.


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