I do not know why Cinderella chose to drop her Sock puppet name and substitute one of her e-mail accounts in it’s place, but I never took her to be rather bright. As for the anon who came in and commented that she felt there was no Sandy and so on is also rather dumb and certainly is NOT DEVINE showing herself as equally not to bright by not realizing that I have learned a thing or two since the days of “Tainted Evidence” and fake shows.

“D” certainly forgot that she has commented on my blog using her rather perverse username ( one of several impersonator names she uses) telling a crap full of lies in the process. One of the advantages of having a WordPress account is that I get to see information not available to the general public.

This information has allowed me to document that a certain woman from Ohio will go to great lengths to satisfy her mentor and outright LIE on the internet for her own purposes. Unfortunately for her I now have clear cut proof of her willingness to lie in order to gain the attention she so desperately needs.

There is a rather interesting blog that people should read. It is quite enlightening:

Stay tuned



  • SHERNAND18@COX.NET says:

    post the video you allege you have. post ANY vidcam of me. You’re lying, Murt. More of your fucking bullshit. I’m calling it here right now. POST me. Shut up or retract and shut the fuck up.

    • You are most certainly clinicly insane if you think I am going to fall for this ploy. You would like nothing more than to have me post that photo so that you could raise hell with WordPress.

      Sorry loonytunes, it is NOT going to work.


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