In a rather shallow, inept and obvious effort. Cinderella is attempting to entrap me into violating at least one if not several TOS rules of thus causing this blog to be suspended at the very least.

What? Dear reader, are you asking what these violations are and how would they effect this blog?

Rather simple, really. Cinderella has made a string of comments stating that I am lying about her being a certain individual from Tucson Arizona. She has demanded, as proof that I post a screenshot that I claim to have of “her” lying her head down on a desk in a daze that was described in a blog article as a “drunken stupor.”

Now, if you have not figured this out already, let me elaborate the problem here. Posting JUST A PICTURE of the person I claim is Cinderella will NOT serve as a proper identifier of the person whom I am saying she is. What posting the picture would do is get me into a hell of a lot of trouble.

First of all the photo is COPYRIGHT PROTECTED along with the article in which it is included by one Alexandra La Tainte otherwise known as Sandra Goddard of If I were to post the photo here, Ms Goddard would IMMEDIATELY file a complaint with WordPress in an effort to get, at the minimum, this blog suspended. Sandra Goddard, you see, made a deal with the devil and does not want this photo on the internet as proof of her bullying.

Second reason is that the SUBJECT of the photo is a woman who is HIGHLY ASHAMED of herself and does not want THE TRUTH about herself ANYWHERE on the internet. This scofflaw of the internet puts herself out there as a respected pillar of society and a photo like this one getting out to her group of friends would not fit well as representing herself as a respected member of the community where she resides. She would therefore scream bloody murder and make any and all efforts to have the photo removed from this blog and subsequently lobby to have it shut down as punishment.

This is how these people work. They trick and attempt to deceive and entrap people into making an honest mistake that costs them dearly. Even if that mistake is an effort to get at the TRUTH.


Stay tuned


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  • angie527 says:

    Why doesn’t she just ask Ms. Goddard for the photo since she is the one that posted it so she clearly has posession of said photo? She must have one hell of a computer with lots of space to keep all the info on all the people she has the goods on. I know one thing, if I had a copy of that photo, I would put it to good use. A good friend of mine works for the newspaper in that town and I would gladly pay to post that picture in the local newspaper for all to see. I would even love to staple a few copies up on telephone poles in the area of the church and school. It’s high time the drunken fool gets a taste of her own medicine. I for one am still angry for all the pain she inflicted on innocent sick and disabled people all in the name of fun.
    @Murt gotta love your Cinderella with the words……Bitch be drunk as hell losing shoes and shit. LMFAO

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