One day recently while driving around I spotted a poster stuck on a crash barrier underneath a bridge in Orlando. These posters are a common sight around Central Florida lately. Posters of missing women all single or divorced, all young under 30.

At first I thought the poster might be Michelle Parker, yet another twenty something that has been missing since last December, or perhaps, Jennifer Kessee who has been missing for much longer.

She was none of the above, she was Alexa Lantz. What was interesting is that this was not an ordinary missing person poster. To understand why, it is first necessary to understand just who Alexa Lantz is or was.

When researching this poster I noticed a case number listed on the information section of it. It was a case number. When I did an internet search of her name, among the usual links to social pages I also found an arrest record and mug shot. Suddenly my memory was jogged to the realization that I had heard of this woman before.

She was mentioned briefly as someone who had gotten into a bit of a pickle and was given a court date to appear. When she did not, she was arrested for contempt of court. This was near the end of March. She was subsequently released and has not been heard of or seen since. All posts and updates to the internet has stopped as of March 28th of this year just short of a month before this writing.

Thus it seems that there is another reason for the poster being under that bridge. It is someone missing not as a victim, but perhaps, someone who has run away and does not want to be found.


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  • Anon says:

    Alexa was an old friend of mine, although we do not keep in touch anymore due to differing lifestyles. You do not have your facts straight. She is no longer missing, she was found shortly after these posters were hung around Orlando. She was arrested for “being in contempt,” but this was all in attempts to force her to sober up and rehabilitate herself in jail. She’s no longer in jail, and no longer missing. I’m pretty sure she is clean as well. If you’re attempting to become a journalist, do a bit more investigating before further tarnishing an already poor reputation.

    • Anon:

      First of all, thank you for taking the time to comment.
      I am quite surprised that someone who knew Alexa read this blog. Now to the point of your comment. When I wrote the article there was no information to be garnered as to why she was missing or why the case number appeared at all in the poster. It distinctly said missing. I called all my contacts both in law enforcement and in the local media and all told me that they had little knowledge of Alexia other than she failed to appear in court.

      The poster was on the bridge AFTER her arrest and to anyone checking as I did, would have assumed that she had turned up missing AFTER the arrest. The poster did not make any distinction as to WHY she was missing other than the case number.

      YOU on the other hand filled in the blanks. You have now told of her problems with whatever had to sober her up and rehabilitate in jail. By doing so you have tarnished her reputation more than was alleged in this article. It was Alexa by the way who tarnished her own reputation and not this insignificant little blog. If anything the story has a good ending in that Alexa did get help that was needed and one can hope she is off to a brighter future free of addiction.

      The fact remains that there are too many out there like Michelle Parker whose fate remains unknown.

      One suggestion, that poster is at the I-4 underpass at lee road going east bound. You or someone else might want to go and remove it.


  • Bekah says:

    You’re an idiot. I second Anon. Alexa is a good friend of mine. This article makes no sense and the facts aren’t straight.

    • YOU ARE BOTH RUDE AND AN IDIOT. I do not understand why you people are singling out this one small blog that perhaps 2 or 3 read. The mainstream media did a much more effective job of getting Alexia’s story out to the public than this measly little blog.

      Alexia destroyed her own reputation herself. NOBODY but her is responsible for her actions. I did have my facts straight. There was a sign stating that Alexia was missing. IF she was no longer missing then why the hell did someone NOT take down the sign?

      Do the world a favor and take the sign down.
      Then grow up and learn some manners.


  • Anon says:

    It’s Alexa* And I wasn’t trying to be rude, I was trying to clear up what you misstated. I apologize for getting your panties in a bunch. I just think your story was misconstrued and I wanted to clarify for your two or three readers that she is no longer missing, and happens to be doing quite well.

    • I am glad to hear she is doing well. I see that the poster is now gone from the bridge. There was no misstatement. I went by the information available at the time via the poster.

  • Marissa says:

    That is my older sister, Alexa. She’s an addict, who ran away when she was supposed to be in a recovery center. My mom immedeatly began posting those all around the area. She was found, with some junkies she met nd left the center with, and was arrested. she was in jail a few days, my grandpa bailed her out, and she lives at home now. She has been clean from the day she was arrested, And still is to this day 🙂

    • I am surprised that this article has generated the response that it has. I am glad your sister is ok. The main reason for doing the article was to point out that some people go missing for reasons other than kidnapping or worse. In this case, the story had a favorable outcome. I see that the poster was removed quite some time ago. I wish her and her family the best.


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