A while back I became aware of a blog war of sorts involving a well known blogger and new media webcaster and a group of folks that seemed to have a beef with the both of them as well as a few others in the world of true crime internet. There was an accusation that one of their detractors was a well known troll who seems to have a habit of going around the internet making up things out of thin air, both about the blogger and new media webcaster as well as a number of prominent missing persons cases being debated on the internet.

One of the targets of the troll tirade took the step of writing about the troll and her rants as well as what the author considered questionable acts and downright lies this person is alleged to have told.

The blogger’s decision to chronicle her troll problem mirrored exactly the same remedy I chose when chronicling the actions of a group of trolls who were also led by one single individual who derived pleasure in spurring on their actions while sitting in the background denying that she had anything to do with the actions of “third party haters” in public, while taking full credit for her action in private access controlled blogs and forums available only to her most ardent supporters, few as they are.

This is a link to the latest article she has written about this troll:

When I pointed out to the blogger that I had the exact same problem with a blogger she had in her blog roll links her reply was something along the lines of  ” I have no knowlege of what you claim and I have no problem with her” which struck me as rather odd since the so called blog war between me and the haters has been well documented since at least 2008 when all the nonsense against me started.

In one of her articles she warned that “her blog has viruses” which was also the same claim I made when I got a flood of e mails from those on my webcasts who visited my trolls blog and forum. My claim turned out to be true as evidence of the exact nature of the virus became apparent quickly and the blogger even admitted to it in private calling the virus “a security measure.”

I dismissed her remark as being biased and her ignorance being blissful since she seemed to be unconcerned with my problem but seemed to be quite concerned with the troll she was having to contend with.

Well, it seems “someone” reading the exchange the both of us had on her blog decided to write me a message which read “

I am writing on the behalf of a group of close friends who have known Amelia for quite some time and the claims by Radio are false and misleading. She has not done anything like what Radio claims and it is Radio that is the bully and not her.”

Now I am not sure how to take this message as it seems to mirror exactly what I said about the principal troll that has been after me.

This is the sort of thing that divides those of us who are against cyber bullying and the constant personal attacks that occur on the internet on a daily basis. Nobody wants to put a stop to this sort of thing, that is, at least, until it is them that becomes the target and then only those who are bullying them and not others.

I am following this latest blog war to see how it mirrors the problem that I had. I have also been getting information that Radio’s troll was and is still closely tied to the blogger that has attacked me for YEARS, abit under a usner name that few know about who she really is.

Stay tuned


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