The latest rumors circulating about the forthcoming book being published in July that was written Atty Jose Baez indicate that the price is going down even before it is published. This might be the result of the publisher realizing that the boycott talk may keep a more expensive book from being sold in the numbers they had originally anticipated.

Perhaps the publisher feels that by offering the book at a discounted price may overcome those tempted to honor the boycott and thus sell enough books to overcome whatever overhead they have tied up in production and distribution costs.

In the meantime Atty Baez goes on a promotional tour for the book now due out in July further angering those who vow to continue efforts to have the book boycotted and prevent Mr Baez from “making money off of a dead child.”

As the release date approaches, it is certain that the Boycott efforts will intensify and that the mainstream press will be forced to pay attention to the groups efforts.

It is rather ironic that the release of the book is set exactly one year to the month that Casey was acquitted of any criminal charge having to do with the death of Caylee. This just might further enrage the Justice for Caylee groups and bring more attention to this aspect of the Casey Anthony saga.

Will this help or hurt the book sales?

Stay Tuned


Stay Tuned

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