The various blogs, forums and other social media sites created by the female gender are the most entertaining things on the internet. These sites are certainly not the places to go for informative insight on true crime subjects or any subject for that matter.

It seems that lately the females who run these various sites are not content unless they are battling with each other about who is or is not this person or that person or who is selling what or leaking what. Not much else of substance is being posted or discussed.

Of course those loyalists and subscribers of these things also have to join in the fray making their own comments filled with compliments complaints and accusations of one sort or other. At least they are entertaining although not informative.

Stay tuned



  • agranny says:

    Oh Murt ,today is my Birthday and you made me laugh my butt off with this post .How true it is .I followed the Bs for awhile and couldnt keep track who was hating on who lol Guess a lot of very bored ass woman out here …What ever flips there boats but man, fruitcakes to be sure … Be well and Peace out Dear Murt

  • The battle going on reminds me a bit of what was going on within my Paltalk site including those who pretended to hate each other in order to confuse the members of my chat site as well as some other blog sites.

    All this being done by women, of course. Same shit different day.


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