The fact that the internet mirrors society is demonstrated quite succinctly with the discussions on, Twitter and a number of blogs posting about events surrounding the major case here in Sanford Florida where George Zimmerman is facing trial for the shooting of Teyvon Martin.

The tone of the discussions immediately took on racist overtones, most notably at as well as on other social media sites such as Twitter, Facebook and the many blogs and forums where the case is being written about. These discussions have gotten so intense that took the remarkable step of closing down the discussion of the case completely according to the blog

The recent article on also mirrors the tone of the public in how these developments are reported :

In this highly informative article Radio points out the inflammatory tone of twitter posts concerning the firestorm that was the result of the decision by to shut down the thread.

The intensity of the discussion by all those of all sides as well as the reactions to the actions of Websleuths shows just how much subscribers invest themselves into the various blogs forums and chats. When the admin of a social media site makes a decision that affects one side of a discussion, a firestorm breaks out. It is neither good nor bad, it just is.

One thing is certain, however. The officials in Sanford, Florida have a lot to worry about. This is probably going to be the most racially charged cases ever to be tried in this small southern city. The world will be watching to see how the citizens conduct themselves and how the city handles the ongoing turmoil.

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