In one of those odd developments on the true crime blog scene is the endorsement of censorship by those who have been opposing efforts by Caylee’s Warriors and like minded groups to boycott the book being written by Jose Baez. Several Twitter accounts were set up for the specific purpose of stating this viewpoint. Now comes the news that one of the Twitter accounts  has suspended the account. Why? Unknown. In reading the Twitter TOS, you would think that account holders have wide discretion when posting commentary on Twitter. This suspension calls this policy into doubt unless someone can cite what violation of the TOS occurred.

If the SPECIFIC reason for the suspension is a clear violation of Twitter TOS and someone can provide the offending tweets, that is fine and there is no censorship. However, if no reason is given for this suspension, than the “free speech” claim cited by Twitter for NOT going after cyber bully sites is now in doubt. Either Twitter supports free speech or it does not.

Twitter has and does allow posts by Anonymous as well as those who support Wikileaks releasing sensitive confidential government documents and memos. If they are going to support this type of commentary, then they should have no problem with those who oppose the making money off of a dead child.

What is even more interesting is those blogs who SUPPORT the Twitter censorship because it is a cause THEY OPPOSE or otherwise OBJECT to. I find this hypocritical since these same sites support the publishing of bullying blog articles under the guize of Parodies or Sarcasm. To me this smacks of a group of hypocrites who only want THEIR way of thinking to be on the internet and nobody else.

Now there are those who claim that the efforts to boycott the book is in itself censorship. If that is the case, the solution is not to CENSOR the boycott groups, but rather, to present the opposing viewpoint and perhaps do an anti-boycott campaign and buy the darn book if they feel that strongly about the issue.

So now I will wait to find out why the account was suspended and see if the move by Twitter was justified.

Stay Tuned


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  • Probably is in line w/ the felonies and misdermeanors the $camthonys have committed (and still are) and not been charged w/ like they are ABOVE THE LAW-You would think Twitter would support life and justice but I guess murder is ok if you just don’t bully them first-Unreal

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