It seems that one particular blogger has an issue with the b0ycott efforts against CNN by the Caylee’s Warriors group.

The blogger does have a point to a degree. However, the blogger also has the choice to not join the boycott effort.

The boycotts rarely make a dent in ad revenue or any other substantial damage to the media source who may be the target of this type of boycott.

The true effect of a boycott is to voice dissent over whatever is being broadcast by the media source. The cause of the latest boycott effort  is the interview with Casey Anthony by the Larry King replacement Piers Morgan.

While sponsors are not running away from CNN, the boycott efforts are still garnering attention and making it more difficult for such projects as the Lifetime production of the Case based on the book Imperfect Justice. There seems to be a problem keeping actresses on board to portray Casey Anthony, even though this is not a major role in the production.

The net effect is that other projects that were slated based on the case are being shelved. Several book projects have been scrapped and other Casey based projects have also been shelved. It seems that the boycott efforts have had one effect. The Casey Antony saga is not going to be the money making blockbuster most have predicted that it would be.


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  • stark3923 says:

    I am a boycotter requester – tweeter…. my reasons are that i do not want kc to be rolling in the $$ as a reward for the death of her child. KC and the Anthony family have made no apologies to the many innocent victims. i am still very upset that jose claims kc and george knew that caylee died june 16. Casey, George, Cindy, etc..said terrible things about the Grund family and about the group of friends that went to Puerto Rico.

    the insane lies that came out of cindy n her attorney still have my panties in a twist. remember – i kept blogging all of jan n feb 2009 that caylee was cremated and cindy n her atty kept calling me a liar and made several public statements denying the cremation….that was until the death certificate was released stating caylee was cremated dec 31, 2008. i was telling the truth and yet cindy and her attorney called me a liar and never apologized. and neither did their so called caylee angels who attacked me and my son.

    i have a list that runs very deep of the the many lies told by the anthonys…and the hurt they caused real people. r u forgetting the stories they sold? yet according to jose george knew this entire time caylee was dead….and of course so did kc….yet they allowed all these searches to continue and sold t shirts and buttons and begged for donations….donations that george used to put money in kc commissary account in jail. maybe someone forgot the thousands from the foundation that went directly to LEE because cindy claimed he did so much private investigation work. ….i better stop…..

    please respect my choice to boycott n tweet

  • stark3923 says:

    Murt – you know me as the blogger you gave the right to post pictures from your live feed at blanchard park in 2008. wayanne stalks the crap out of me…. yes – i am alive and well. glad to see ur back blogging.

  • stef24 says:

    I’m a member on the page that the ‘prominent’ blogger wrote about. I didn’t argue with her or delete her comments on the page. I didn’t say that I want a zombie to attack Casey Anthony. (KARMA will do just fine…) Yet this ‘prominent’ blogger wrote her article and made it sound as though every single person belonging to the Facebook page did just that to her. I tried repeatedly to point that out to her last night when she was back on the page but she didn’t get it. She claimed her article was based on SOME people on the page but not ALL….but she didn’t grasp the fact that her article read as though EVERYONE on that page fought with her/deleted her comments/talked about zombies. UNTRUE. What upsets me even more than that is her article stated we all sit on our asses in front of our computers day in and day out, only taking a break to watch Nancy Grace….and that we don’t advocate for any other children out there. Once again, I attempted to inform her last night during a live discussion that had she bothered to ask me, I would have informed her that not only do I NOT sit on my ass all day in front of a computer, I belong to MANY other missing/injured/murdered/sick pages devoted to kids OTHER than Caylee Anthony. Not just kids-adults too. I also physically volunteer with an organization involved with missing children. And I most definitely do NOT sit and watch Nancy Grace night after night. I can barely stomach the woman. (though I WILL watch her show if she is discussing a case I’m interested in) But the ‘prominent’ blogger didn’t want to hear ANY of what I said. Instead, she wrote a half assed, one sided article. I guess she thought her version of ‘lazy, fat ass Nancy Grace worshippers’ was more exciting than the truth.

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