In one of the many articles coming out of a certain blog comes an interesting question.  The question comes from Radio of all people and is aimed at a blog article that was written stating just that. The thing that strikes me as rather curious is that while Radio comments negatively about the efforts of the Caylee Warriors and other groups and their continued posting about the case, she also adds fuel to the fire by constantly writing about it.

Is the Caylee Anthony case still real compelling news? It seems to be as far as is concerned.


Stay Tuned




  • LC says:

    Radio is nothing more than a joke. Her obsession with the warriors borders on lunacy. Reading her tweets on certain days, one can see she is nothing more than yet another internet bully, who is not quite right in the mind.

    I believe Casey will always be news, as we still have no answers from her, and likely never will

  • RadioRocks says:

    Murt, are you jealous of Radio?

  • agranny says:

    bahaaa Murt ,if that isn’t the truth . She reminds me so much of a someone we both know and dislike , If it isn’t her it’s one of her tards lol Stay well Dear Murt ,,Peace out with love

  • Whatever says:

    It’s quite apparent that Radio is the jealous one. A few months ago, Radio went after someone else that has a successful blog. The same predictable worn out moves are now being attempted with Blaiss.

    Anyone that takes attention away from Radio or is deemed as a threat gets targeted.

    • LC says:

      Radio could easily remedy the situation by making her blog credible. Instead she chooses to act like a 2 year old.

  • nicky says:

    Radio was ok until she renewed her friendship with the Brileys…she has become just as crude and obnoxious as them….birds of a feather~

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