Somehow the question always¬† comes up “Am I jealous of……??” The question always seems to be when I am criticizing someone for what they have done or said. In this case it is in reference to and the owner’s repeated dissing of those spearheading the boycott and petition efforts in relation to the Casey Anthony saga.

I have been aware of Radio and her blog for years. Some might remember that I once wrote a review of her internet sites in a blog I set up once. The blog is still there as well is this review:

What has changed since that review is that Radio has changed her format. She has reverted to a format of bullying, in my opinion, and thus has allowed her blog and forum to deteriorate into a shout and snarl location that does not pay that much attention to true crime and instead engages in tirates against people and websites that have anything to do with the efforts of the Caylee Warriors and similar individuals and groups.

I would only wish that would return to the quality site that it was back then. Until that happens it appears that the best location for alternative media discussion of true crime topics is none other than

Stay Tuned



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