This is actually not a new tool of the internet cyber abuser, but it’s sudden increase of use by these demented individuals has finally brought it to the attention of the internet community, the legal community and more recently the governments of the United States and other countries.

What is It’s stated purpose is to offer customers a platform to complain against businesses that have either not delivered what they promised or otherwise ripped them off. The website promises not to remove any complaint and does provide the business being complained about a chance to rebut the complaint. The service also promises to allow the complaint anonymous if desired.

The problem is that cyber abusers and cyber bullies have used this service to post personal attacks against their victim or victims. The abusers then either write about the complaint in their blogs or submit the link to the complaint to other bloggers who support any effort against the individual being complained about.  This winds up negating the effectiveness of

People have probably wondered how makes money off this service. The answer is quite simple. They offer a platform (ads for a fee) for civil attys to advertise their services. also offers it’s own solution FOR A FEE and a rather large on at that.

VIP Arbitration Program

Second, if you really think a report is false but don’t want to pay for an attorney, you may want to consider submitting the matter to Ripoff Report’s new VIP Arbitration Program.  Although this program is not free (the current cost is $2,250, a fraction of the cost for an attorney and going to court), the program gives you the ability to submit evidence to a neutral and independent arbitrator (including an arbitrator who is a retired judge) who will review the evidence and make a written decision as to whether a report is true or false.  If the arbitrator concludes that a report contains a false statement of fact, that statement will be (((REDACTED))) from the report.   No reputation management / SEO company can offer this type of service.

The one thing you might notice is that this service is mainly directed at CORPORATIONS. Ripoffreport still does not get the fact that many of the people being complained about are INDIVIDUALS likely the victims of cyber bullies and cyber abusers. The service provides NO way for the lowely individual to defend against these attacks other than their free rebuttal option. The complaint still will show up in GOOGLE SEARCHES which is the purpose for filing the report in the first place.

Yes, the whole reason for the Ripoffreport complaint is NOT the TRUTH but to provide NEGATIVE CONTENT to be placed in the internet search engines so that anyone INCLUDING FUTURE EMPLOYERS will see the negative content and act accordingly. is run by EXPERTS who know how to get the content of their website PLACED HIGH ON SEARCH ENGINES and thus ensure the reputation of the victim will be ruined or at least tarnished by these reports. Since the reports are ANONYMOUS, the abusers face NO CONSEQUENCES for their actions.

The governments of various countries are beginning to take notice. Laws are being considered that would make those who post anonymously be accountable for their actions. This would be done by requiring websites such as and to provide the ip address of posters ON DEMAND without any complicated legal process being necessary to access that information.

While this might not stop those expert in hiding their internet identity, it will put a dent in content being placed by the less sophisticated abuser who is more commonly the type making these complaints.

Right now the process for reform in the area of cyber abuse is slow. I do suspect, however, that if reactive acts of violence or even suicides start to occur frequently, public outrage will force legislators to act to put an end to this abuse.

In the mean time, freedom of speech will be diminished as those who do not want to risk being the victim of digital extortion will choose to remain silent instead.


Stay Tuned




  • Whatever says:

    Thank you.

    • You are welcome. My purpose for writing the article is not to take sides in any dispute but rather point out the abuse of by those who are not willing to “put their name where their mouth is.”


  • Whatever says:

    The fact that you don’t take sides is what makes your articles carry even more weight. Thanks for shedding a much needed light on some of the things that are going on.

  • VIP Tattler says:

    As most of our readers are probably well aware by now, Holly Briley, the woman at the forefront of the Casey Anthony video diary leaks, has been posting all over the web (and seemingly to anyone who will listen to any lies that come from her mouth and/or fingers) frivolous comments in regards to the staff here at VIP Tattler. We knew that this was coming as we were given a strong indication of Holly’s prior behavior of targeting anyone who dare mention she or her husband in a negative light, despite the Briley’s appearing on various television shows for their fifteen minutes of fame and, in our opinion, bringing all the negative attention they have received upon themselves.

    We decided it would be fun to play a little game with Ms. Briley. Since she claimed to be in the know as to who and what we at VIP Tattler were all about, we decided we would create the names of “staff members” who write for us, knowing all too well that Holly would easily buy into it – and we were right. Just today Holly Briley filed a “Ripoff Report” about us using the name of one of our “staff” members, “Mel.” You can read it here. It really is quite laughable, to say the least. Our sides were aching the entire time from laughing so hard.

    Unfortunately, I hate to break it to Holly but “Mel” does not even exist. VIP Tatter has only ever been operated by two lone individuals, two males, and we are located in California (for those who did not already know.) We have been around as VIP Tattler for quite some time, first under the domain name before taking a break and coming back as this blog on WordPress.

    You’d think Holly would have done some research before sprouting off at the mouth some, yeah? Apparently that is not the case with her. Anything Holly says goes and must be correct! She couldn’t possibly be lying. Not at all.

    Also, how could “Mel” have existed at all when Holly was oh so positive that this blog owner was Brianne Chantal and Brianne Chantal only, a woman Holly has been going on the attack against since January. Now, suddenly, Holly decides to acknowledge that we have other staff by way of a “Ripoff Report”? Hmmm. Holly’s story seems to change quite frequently, especially when she gets caught in a lie, just as we are sure she’ll change her story yet again now that we’ve busted her.

    That said, Holly Briley’s actions of filing that Ripoff Report using the name of another individual would be considered FRAUD and is very, very illegal in all states. We will most certainly be forwarding evidence of this Fraud to the Prosecutor’s Office in Washington Court House, OH, where Holly Briley resides.

    Other than what has been widely reported about Holly Briley on the internet in regards to her involvement with Casey Anthony and the video diaries that she leaked back in January, I do not know much about this woman. I just know that we have received daily e-mails from her, essentially attempting to extort and blackmail us, something she seems to have a history of doing in the past after she tried to extort a Florida based attorney, and I also know that based on internet research and Google searches alone, this woman seems truly off her rocker and doesn’t seem to have that much of a life outside of the World Wide Web judging by how often she tweets and blogs. We did not want to give her any attention on our blog to begin with as it is quite evident at this point that attention is something she craves, therefore we will be ignoring her existence from this point forward and have no doubt that she will continue to go off the deep end, so stay tuned kids!

    Murt also wrote a great article about this very matter which you can read at his own website

    You can read Brianne Chantal’s full statement about this matter via her own blog at and she also provides great insight and links to blogs by other individuals who have also become targets of the Briley’s.

    For entertainment purposes, a list of all of Holly’s fraudulent and bullying ways can be read at the following links:

    Sidenote: At VIP Tattler we NEVER ask anyone for any personal information when it comes to contests aside from a valid e-mail address which we can contact our winners at. ALL of our contest tickets are E-TICKETS, meaning we do not need personal information such as addresses or telephone numbers for our winners to claim their prizes – as you can see for yourself here.

    Have a great weekend and enjoy the sunshine, everyone!

  • Mrs. Deneale K. McElhaney-Williams says:

    I tried to have my report removed from by and with an Attorney and the web site itself will not abide by the writ. So it is not as easy as it seems, especially when places like cyberbullyingreport whom is located in England pretending to be located in Oregon and ran by an individual named David whom then denies owning and running it when research proved it, an ongoing law suit then lags on. So as you can well enough see, it is not as easy as ANY of us think it is. If only we would THINK before we hit the SUBMIT buttons in the first place and ruin other individuals lives. And if only there was truly a more realistic way to work out problems with our Cyberbullies. I am a Survivor of Cyberbullying. I continue to live through it daily, and unfortunately third party individuals always seem to think they too need to get involved, like the fact that my Cyberbully & myself having problems isn’t enough already? I have people pretending to be TV reporters and then my Cyberbully creating other bogus accts, and then I have the very same cyberbully putting the word out and even yes, hiring people to bully me further. Like I said, people truly need to THINK before they ACT let alone submit there words into print. Words, hurt. Think before you speak. By the way, this has been ongoing for myself for well over a year. NOW then, watch and see the tattle tale informant inform my Bully so that IT can post nasties about me RIGHT HERE after my comment! BE PREPARED! I am NOT kidding!

    • The cyber abusers who use sites such as or know full well how the legal process works and that neither of these services care one wit about the truth. The cyber abusers who post these smears have no concern about the lives they destroy. They are only in this for the attention no matter how brief that attention may be. The governments of various countries are beginning to take notice and laws will be coming eventually to address this problem. All we can do is sit back and wait.


  • Mrs. Deneale K. McElhaney-Williams says:

    THAT is what I am doing and my patience is wearing thin. It sickens me that someone would go to great lengths to open a web site to make it seem as though they were helping someone and then only cause more problems in the long wrong. I feel if anything perhaps a mediation site would be descent and if one was created it should be done in a discretionary manner, perhaps by taking both parties emails down, listening to both sides and trying to mediate. However, all you’re gonna get there is 3 different side, his/hers & the truth. NONE of which will match. Some variances will in fact be true, but still. People like to exaggerate and make things seem worse then they are, and then there are those that like to cry wolf. Sadly, I wish it could just stop and that people would just grow up and think before they speak/write and post! It may seem like a song and dance, but words DO hurt. Thanks for allowing ME to vent. I personally hope to see cyberbullyingreport closed down, the other site you mention I am unfamiliar with. I personally have had my fill with cyberbullies and drama.

    • There have been a number of individual blogs that were purported to fight cyberbullying. It turned out that the opposite was true as the blog owner turned out to be a bully herself, creating various smear blogs and even using Ripoffreport to create false reports against the person.

      Mediation will only work if the parties involved are seeking the truth and a workable resolution to the issues that caused the dispute. Most cyber bullies and cyber abusers are doing what they are doing for the single purpose of gaining attention and not for any settlement of any dispute. states that mediation is part of what they offer. Cyberbullies are not interested in this opportunity as they are involved for “the lulz” rather than any truth or resolution of any dispute.

      It seems that, unfortunately, that the only resolution to the problem will be government intervention.

      Everyone complains when the government gets involved yet nobody seems to want to resolve the issue there forcing the Government to step in.

      settlement of a dispu

  • Mrs. Deneale K. McElhaney-Williams says:

    Just so you ARE aware you have a stalker that reads your blog and then attacks your readers and those who comment. I know, I have now become victim to this person names Michelle L. McKee. Her name is @MichelleLMcKee on @Twitter and she DMing me the most hateful & rude messages I have EVER read in my life, she believes that you and I are friends. She is ASSuming. Then she unfriend me before I could even respond (I have a life & DO NOT sit @ my computer 24/7 & cannot answer DMs as they flow thru my phone while @ court handling an eviction on a tenant either! HOWEVER I did post PUBLICLY that you & I are not friends & linked TO YOU. However since YOU have ME blocked YOU will NOT see them. I am forewarning you in case you didn’t know of this person claiming to be victim of you, and then attacking your readers and those who comment and feel strongly toward things you write about that ARE worthy of comments. I explained that I am VERY MUCH for closing down cyberbullying web pages such as: that nasty woman can believe what she wants, I did report her to @Twitter as well. I am NOT afraid of these Cyberbullies. Not ANY single one of them. She even thought I was so stupid that I needed informed that @KarenSL was your side kick and also a Bully. Like I said, ya might wanna warn your readers. I can and will screen shot my screen for you for proof.


      What I find amazing about all of this from Ms. McKee is she does not seem to be aware of the history between the two of us. If she had known that, she would more likely have attempted to enlist you as she has done others including Sandra Goddard and others.

      Ms. McGee’s efforts should prove to you and others just who the real cyberbullies and cyber abusers are.

      Both of the above mentioned women have accused me of stalking them and others. What is odd about all of this is that in spite of me living less than an hours drive from you and the other person that we have in common between us, I have not attempted to contact either one of you personally.

      Any request of contact has been made by others TO me rather than the other way around.

      I made it a point to BLOCK Ms. McKee from reading my account as she has done the same to me. IN SPITE of this, Ms. McKee has felt it necessary to spam those who follow or otherwise contact me. Your unsolicited comments regarding her brings this fact to the general blog reading public.

      MS. Michelle Lynn McKee has been stalking me since the fall of 2006 due to my perceived friendship with a women with the username of Shadowraiths who used to be an administrator of The reason that Michelle Mckee was “after” Shadowraiths is that she and a group she was working with tracked down the stalker of Jennifer Love Hewitt and Stephen Spielburg probably saving their lives. The stalker was arrested for carrying a loaded gun on the campus of the college where she was a teacher. To this day the woman is prohibited to be on the internet although there is a blog where she states her belief in alien locusts that fly around Cailfornia eating government helicopters. For some unexplained reason Ms McKee allied herself with this stalker for reasons unknown. The latest information I have been given is that Michelle Lynn McKee and this woman are actually the same person.

      Michelle Lynn Mckee contacted the Leesburg Florida police department in the fall of 2006 and implicated me as having something to do with the MUDER of Trenton Duckett. This was BEFORE The department made the public disclosure that they felt that his mother Melinda Duckett, was SOLELY responsible for whatever fate befell him. Several years later Ms McKee AGAIN contacted the Leesburg City Police Department to demand that my property be searched for the body of Trenton Duckett whom she claimed I had buried there.

      Unfortunately for Ms McKee I was talking to the CID Commander at the precise moment she called and I was allowed to listen into the call. The commander assured me that I was NOT a suspect and that I am not nor ever was a person of interest or suspect in the case.

      He stated that Ms McKee has “no credibility” as they had been aware of her antics for several years.

      The same holds true with the Orange County Florida Sheriff’s department as well as the Office of Lawson Lamar who also had to suffer through her crank telephone calls.

      This is only a small summary of her actions. She has stalked and defamed Profiler Pat Brown, Diane Fannimg the author of “Daddy’s Little Girl about Caylee Anthony as well as Her former mentor Cory Mitchell a noted true crime author.

      She has also attacked her former employer the NICB, a trade association for the auto insurance industry after she was terminated for reasons not disclosed to the general public.

      I have made it a point to ignore Ms McKee’s antics due to the PERSONAL request of an individual who claims to be her son and who has stated that his mother suffers from a number of stress related conditions that cause her to act out in this matter.

      It seems that the suggestion of her son seems not to have been an effective course of action.


  • Mrs. Deneale K. McElhaney-Williams says:

    My suggestion to YOU Bill, is to point blankly write another blog whereas one of your readers, and of MOST read your articles such as I do and obviously Michelle L McKee whom I discovered and revealed upon MY wall has TWO @Twitter accounts not just one, that she is in fact stalking your readers, and probably on some of their accounts pretending to be a quiet little mouse as she was on mine UNTIL yesterday. She thinks threatening to unfriend me when she and I NEVER EVER corresponded was supposed to break my wee little heart. Since I started posting on her, because BEFORE I blocked her, I allowed the woman to SEE herself being put in her place. I, as you well enough know, WILL NOT cowar down to ANY Cyberbully. She, along with my other Cyberbully,m should have planned out her bullying tactics much more professionally before starting on me in the first place. I have now started a file on her, and OTHERS, Bill are NOW coming forth about her. Others, Bill DO NOT like the way the woman acts, talks and treats people. They ALL find her hateful and delusional. Ans you are exactly right, if she woulda paid closer attention, she woulda probably had a pea in her pod, but instead she chose to attack me and make a mortal enemy. Because as far as I am concerned SHE owes me an Apology AND publicly I might add. Like you, I dont hide behind another name, you SEE and KNOW whom I am when I post. I give you my real email address and FULL name. One thing, you should have learned by now, Bill….is you might have “thought” I was the problem cyberbully in the begining when YOU came to me, but YOU were wrong and you yourself have yet to admit that……

    As for Michelle L. McKee woman it would be in your best interest to stay AWAY from me, and anyone else you are even thinking of sending my way, I am gonna warn you right now, not to. Number one, I am the screen shot pro, number two I am a survivor of Cyberbullying for over a year now, I WILL NOT PUT UP WITH YOU OR ANYONE ELSE FOR THAT MATTER! You need to grow up and watch whom you threaten! Do you even KNOW who I am? Yeah, I dont think so!


      I knew who you were when you started to comment on my blog. The reason I allowed your comments on here was that you felt you were the victim of bullying. You also contacted me early on when the conflict between you and the other party was at it’s peak. The other party made cyberbullying claims against you as well.

      What made me contact the other party was the photograph you sent me that you attributed to that party. It was the content of the photograph that concerned me.

      Remember that Michelle McKee and her allies accuse me of being a pedophile. In spite of that you sent me a photograph that would have allowed an accused pedophile to determine the exact location of her children. I have had photographs of a similar nature published in regards to me and there has been a lot of financial damage occur as a result.

      I did not and still do not take sides in the dispute between you and the other party. My concern is how people engage each other on line in these disputes and the tactics they utilize in the process.

      It is my goal to make people aware of the serious errors that are made in trying to resolve these disputes and to temper their actions accordingly.

      I would hope that perhaps you would remember what it is you sent me and why I felt it was necessary for me to contact the other party.


  • […] her comment to my blog “2012/07/01 at 2:50 pmJust so you ARE aware you have a stalker that reads your blog and then attacks your readers and […]

  • Mrs. Deneale K. McElhaney-Williams says:

    Just so you are aware, the person does NOT have custody of ANY Children and only pretends to have custody of them. I know this by many means, including contact with its Mother, I have spent hours speaking to it, and then emailing it, as well as I have and still AM in contact with one of its elder grown Children who reported them for selling narcotics while working where they were at. I dont truly care who or what you believe. I also remember YOU telling me YOU were a News Reporter and then when I seen the Van and your tweets NO I didn’t ASSume, I just immediately believed you because the two looked “right.” My bad.

    You also need to STOP believing EVERY thing YOU are told, NOT every thing everyone tells you is fact. And I know for a fact you believe there is a restraining order against me, look me up on Efacts, and look me up anywhere. There is NO SUCH THING. It was NEVER granted ANYWHERE. Your little birdie is a BIG TIME lying drama queen.

    And if you would or did pay even closer attention to the last stunt pulled, which I doubt, becuz like ME you do have a little bit of a life, but allegedly I shot and killed my Cyberbully. I have screen shots for proof. Then poof she was reborn. They also tried to pretend I killed her boy friend. She even pretended to live in San Fransico and posted photos from google search and claimed she took them with her phone. What an idiot. Even of the hotel rooms, also from google search engines. The woman is NOT clever. She sent twitter screen names that have never tweeted to attack ME and me alone and accuse me of going after her pretending to be an X husbands brother, again screen shots for proof LOL. The crap got real deep. Then after she was on life support, she regained her life back, took a breath and is fine. Now she has someone sending me photos of her face disfigured. Photo shopped just like the length of her hair and her being THAT thin LMBO oddly enough the IP is the same as hers. The intelligence behind a BULLY is NIL AND I am NOT going to put up with it. ESPECIALLY when they think they can have umpteen million names to hide behind and think the fact that when you search and find Heidi Churchill that you wont (cough cough) put two and two together that it is low and behold the one and only PITA that attacks me on a daily basis and WILL NOT EVER GIVE ME A DAY OFF!

    Oh and for ALL of you making the phone calls TO me for my bully and even maybe now the Michelle McKee, realize your numbers will ALL be reported, blacklisted AND blocked. I LOVE MY ANDROID phone! LOL

  • Mrs. Deneale K. McElhaney-Williams says:

    FYI Murt I truly wish U would learn one thing. U and UR readers need to practice this: A$$uming solves and proves nothing. Stop believing everything you read, and hear. Not everything is fact let alone true. You pretended to be a TV Newscaster to ME and said that YOU wanted to mediate. I have NO CLUE what made you decide to do so. But you claimed, which apparently was an out and out LIE, that you were having BOTH sides do this, when you in fact WERE NOT! I actually and wrongfully fell hook line and sinker and believed you, after all, low and behold you have a TV newscaster van, several blogs with info, (I shoulda known better then to believe you with the fact that you can’t spell and your grammar is so lousy) but I figured they must fix everything for you on the set or something, this was your little pieces and tid bits. So I wrote to you, a brief piece of what this person was putting me thru. The photo THE PERSON SENT TO ME! I didn’t steal and YOU told her I was sitting outside stalking them! NOT TRUE! You fed into everything and made it WORSE! MUCH WORSE! Since I am NOW accused of murdering its boy friend, attempted murdering it, (odd tho cuz there’s been no arrest and here I am in plain site!) photos are being sent to me by my Bullies IP saying its another (different email address) and how I disfigured my bully and I have screen shots of another twitter acct claiming to be my Bullies X husbands brother to whom my Bully allegedly put in jail and how HE was after it. The crap has gotten SO bad for me its pathetic! My SSN my telephone my address you name it has been posted ON and it took 6 days to have it removed! By then I lost monies from my bank acct! My # it is being posted on the web, I black list, report and black #s daily! I took it to court and Brevard cty says ya cant prove whom is behind the monitor so I wasn’t granted a restraining order. So it monkey see monkey do the same thing to me and expected me NOT to show u for court but I did, and NO it was NOT granted! THERE IS NO RESTRAINING ORDER! Yet you believe EVERY little thing you hear! EVERYTHING! And you help with the good fight against me, no questions ask. And I am in contact with my Bullies Mother and grown Son have both of their phone #s and my Bully has custody of NO Children and NEVER HAS HAD! But low and behold you believe every little tweet and peep said to you, and don’t even bother checking any facts out. Not for one split second. (Some reporter!!!!!) Why not ask the owner of Cyberbullyingreportcom? His name is David. He lives in London, pretends the site is in Oregon. I and my lawyers, a team are in the process of shutting THAT slanderous site down. I never knew about the other until your blog, I did SEE your report today. Try having your SSN weight, YES I said weight which she added 400 MORE pounds to it, and my address, phone number, DL # you name it. IT RUINED MY CREDIT! I had to close my bank account! THAT is slander in EVERY sense of the word! And it hates fat people cuz it was once fat, and ate so many diet pills that it ruined its thyroid, but then they were lipo suctioned and gastric bypassed to loose the weight. I had broken my hip and was bed bound for 3 years, since my hip replacement I have lost over 150 pounds NATURALLY and that in itself has it VERY mad and makes it hate me even more. I edited its book, it refused to pay. But how was I to know it STOLE it from Harlequin Romance! NOW they are suing it and it is now saying I wrote the book and pulled it from the shelves. And you think you know it all huh? You judge me do you? My son that refuses to get a job? She PAID him to turn against me and GIVE HER info! PAID HIM! That’s right, he confessed to his Father and me BOTH! My friend from High School that hates me Dyanne? She ALWAYS wanted my husband. I have him, she is jealous, to this day. EVERY boy I dated she WANTED! NO I am NOT kidding! Once she found that I had an enemy; naturally shes gonna go the side of THAT person. Think what you want, ALL of you, THIS IS STILL NOT ALL OF MY STORY, No where near! The Bully I deal with also commits fraud and creates phony businesses and organizations and events and things and has people donate monies into its paypal and wepay acct. Things like “I’ll dye my hair pink for breast cancer if we get $100 donated in ONE day!” even if they woulda made the money, it woulda never been done, and they woulda pretended the money never existed! NOW go ahead, lead my Bully in the direction of THIS post so IT can start even MORE drama here, gaining you even MORE entertainment and PROVE to me where the problem lies. I never said chose sides, I said play fair. YOU said you wanted to mediate. A mediator does NOT go to the other side with info and bold face LIE! YOU DID JUST THAT! I never was in her front yard stalking her! SHE posted THAT photo to its @Twitter wall and EVERYONE knows it! It also sent it to me, and said SEE my van is nicer then yours! LOL Which, try me I always have 3 or more vehicles! And then to make fun of me for living in a Mobile home that I own when THEY RENT? I own 16 homes here and manage the park in which I live. My spouse works for NASA as does my Son. And it claims I live off the system? How? My kids are grown? Why can you or anyone else recognize the lies when you see and hear them? Do your homework! Stop believing and listening and start doing the research of a reporter like you claim to be, and stop helping to create and make the drama. I dare you. THIS in itself will prove to your followers you are gonna change. Tell them @Deneale made YOU think and yes, by jove, it is time to research and think and STOP encouraging the drama! I DARE YOU Bill, right here right now. Make the change and for the better. I am NOT the ba person here! I am a SURVIVOR OF Cyberbullying, NOT A VICTIM! It is time to FIX all the wrongs and start making them RIGHT!


      When you came forward with the details of your dispute you also sent a photograph that showed not only the street address of the party that you were having a dispute with but a vehicle with a license number clearly visible.

      You sent this information to me not knowing if the accusations against me were serious or not. The woman has school aged children.

      I was not interested in who was wrong or right in what is, at the core, a business dispute. I was only concerned over the fact that this photo was being distributed without regard to the security of the woman’s security.

      I am aware of the back and forth that is going on between the two of you. I feel that the both of you may have gone to extremes in trying to defend your individual actions.

      This is part of the problem in that people tend to intensify any dispute they have with someone on the internet and these things have a way of getting out of control.

      In the case of Michelle Lynn McKee this is not a dispute between parties. I have never met Ms McKee nor have I ever had any kind of interaction with her prior to her actions that started as far back as 2006.

      She selected me as a target and has continued to stalk and harass me to this day. I am not her only victim, She seems to like to pick on successful people like Pat Brown and others.

      She lies about people, impersonates them and does both mostly through the use of fake internet accounts where she pretends to be both male and female. Even her own family has been the target of her antics.

      Michelle Lynn McKee has stated on several occasions that she wishes I was dead. She has openly demanded, on twitter and elsewhere that I kill myself, I have seen some of the things she has written in private to those who followed me on Twitter.

      She has written to hundreds of people who decided not to OPENLY follow me on twitter and elsewhere. These people have complained to the owners of these sites about her and sooner or later the owners may get off their collective lazy asses and ban her.

      Ms McKee has so many accounts on Facebook and Twitter I cannot keep track of them all. She creates these multiple accounts for the sole purpose of stalking people who have banned her or blocked her.

      She cannot stand to be rejected nor will she admit when she is wrong and certainly will not take criticism.

      Ignoring her certainly will not work. She keeps right on with her antics regardless if you ignore her or confront her,.

      She is addicted to attention and will do anything to get it.


  • Sam Franks says: is a scam, sham businesses, their revenue stream comes from extortion of businesses/individuals willing to pay for their redact statement inserted into their posts, Lawyers and search engines, Take this sham slanderous site down,, there is the BBB to handle issues that they post, No user information is validated, no facts are verified, no phone calls are made, this is digital slander and extortion, its the dirtiest business I can think of. Imagine, if we all stood up a blog, did dirty tricks to get volume juice in the SERPS, and wrote outlandish, untruthful things about businesses and people, and then take money from those same people to put a “redact” statement in the post, but still publish the original false post, they don’t even remove the false URL for heavens sake! Basically they can have their own people sit and make this stuff up all day by entering posts, which builds in their revenue stream for “redact” statements. The trouble is, people do believe everything they read, and once they see your business or name associated with this sham company, they simply move on. Google do something, clean up the web!

    • Bill Finley says:

      The goverment will not do anything about Ed Magedson or ripoffreport because if Ed was really extorting money from major companies then something would have been done about it a long time ago. The law or the goverment doesn’t care about the people being affected by this website the goverment only cares when the situation or the law being broken is against them.
      You will have a better chance of seeing the return of Jesus in you’re lifetime than seeing Ed Magedson and his fellow criminals facing justice!

  • Genuinely when someone doesn’t understand after that its up to other visitors that they will assist, so here it takes place.

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