Radio seems to have one person in her sights as a target in her blog articles on The target is one Brianne Chantal. While I do not have a “dog in the fight” between Radio and whoever the hell this person is, the way Radio has been blogging about her does garner my attention.

For quite a long time has gone from being a true crime blog to a smear site against either the Caylee Warriors or Brianne Chantel. 

In this latest article Radio wrote the blog article where “someone” has made a Ripoffreport complaint. The problem with the complaint is that the author is ANONYMOUS. This translates into a LACK OF ACCOUNTABILITY by whoever the author is. The burden of proof now falls on the ACCUSED rather than the ACCUSER.

The accuser gets away scott free and is free to sit back and relax while it is up to the VICTIM to decide how to repair the damage caused by the report. I consider these reports to be acts of cowardice. If a person making an accusation believes it to be the truth, they should back it with their name and reputation. If not, they come across as a liar as well as an abuser. It is time for this practice to be stopped before the government does it for us.


Stay Tuned




  • Murt.. did you read the report? It say a former employee of Brianne’s named Mel did it. Dont know. Dont care. Brianne is a bad seed and she has done MORE than her fair share of shit slinging… including FALSELY placing people, including her ex boss at Scallywag and Vagabond on there, while trying to make it look like others did it ………AND she has posted people’s addresses, phone numbers online as well as their children’s and their children’s friends. She is NOT innocent .. at all. You backed the wrong horse in this race dude. Want to know all about Miss Patterson – Read it here –

  • VIP Tattler says:

    As most of our readers are probably well aware by now, Holly Briley, the woman at the forefront of the Casey Anthony video diary leaks, has been posting all over the web (and seemingly to anyone who will listen to any lies that come from her mouth and/or fingers) frivolous comments in regards to the staff here at VIP Tattler. We knew that this was coming as we were given a strong indication of Holly’s prior behavior of targeting anyone who dare mention she or her husband in a negative light, despite the Briley’s appearing on various television shows for their fifteen minutes of fame and, in our opinion, bringing all the negative attention they have received upon themselves.

    We decided it would be fun to play a little game with Ms. Briley. Since she claimed to be in the know as to who and what we at VIP Tattler were all about, we decided we would create the names of “staff members” who write for us, knowing all too well that Holly would easily buy into it – and we were right. Just today Holly Briley filed a “Ripoff Report” about us using the name of one of our “staff” members, “Mel.” You can read it here. It really is quite laughable, to say the least. Our sides were aching the entire time from laughing so hard.

    Unfortunately, I hate to break it to Holly but “Mel” does not even exist. VIP Tatter has only ever been operated by two lone individuals, two males, and we are located in California (for those who did not already know.) We have been around as VIP Tattler for quite some time, first under the domain name before taking a break and coming back as this blog on WordPress.

    You’d think Holly would have done some research before sprouting off at the mouth some, yeah? Apparently that is not the case with her. Anything Holly says goes and must be correct! She couldn’t possibly be lying. Not at all.

    Also, how could “Mel” have existed at all when Holly was oh so positive that this blog owner was Brianne Chantal and Brianne Chantal only, a woman Holly has been going on the attack against since January. Now, suddenly, Holly decides to acknowledge that we have other staff by way of a “Ripoff Report”? Hmmm. Holly’s story seems to change quite frequently, especially when she gets caught in a lie, just as we are sure she’ll change her story yet again now that we’ve busted her.

    That said, Holly Briley’s actions of filing that Ripoff Report using the name of another individual would be considered FRAUD and is very, very illegal in all states. We will most certainly be forwarding evidence of this Fraud to the Prosecutor’s Office in Washington Court House, OH, where Holly Briley resides.

    Other than what has been widely reported about Holly Briley on the internet in regards to her involvement with Casey Anthony and the video diaries that she leaked back in January, I do not know much about this woman. I just know that we have received daily e-mails from her, essentially attempting to extort and blackmail us, something she seems to have a history of doing in the past after she tried to extort a Florida based attorney, and I also know that based on internet research and Google searches alone, this woman seems truly off her rocker and doesn’t seem to have that much of a life outside of the World Wide Web judging by how often she tweets and blogs. We did not want to give her any attention on our blog to begin with as it is quite evident at this point that attention is something she craves, therefore we will be ignoring her existence from this point forward and have no doubt that she will continue to go off the deep end, so stay tuned kids!

    Murt also wrote a great article about this very matter which you can read at his own website

    You can read Brianne Chantal’s full statement about this matter via her own blog at and she also provides great insight and links to blogs by other individuals who have also become targets of the Briley’s.

    For entertainment purposes, a list of all of Holly’s fraudulent and bullying ways can be read at the following links:

    Sidenote: At VIP Tattler we NEVER ask anyone for any personal information when it comes to contests aside from a valid e-mail address which we can contact our winners at. ALL of our contest tickets are E-TICKETS, meaning we do not need personal information such as addresses or telephone numbers for our winners to claim their prizes – as you can see for yourself here.

    Have a great weekend and enjoy the sunshine, everyone!

    • I again repeat that I am not taking a stand regarding the dispute the article I wrote covers regarding the use of as part of a personal dispute. In a sense Ms Chantal is a commercial web presence so in that regard would qualify to be criticized on Ripoffreport.

      HOWEVER, I do feel that if anyone is going to use Ripoff in this manner they should include specific links in the report which were not there as well as NOT posting as anonymous. Someone should be ready to “put their name and reputation where their mouth is” and be ready to take the consequences for their actions should they be proven wrong.

      Once something is posted on Ripoff, it stays there unless, as my article pointed out, the subject of the report wants to partake in an expensive and elaborate process to defend themselves through an arbitrator.

      At least with a blog, there is a chance for a correction and removal of the content if found to be necessary and warranted.


  • Whatever says:

    What’s the deal with VIPTattler? Here one minute, then gone the next. If VIPTattler is legit, why the disappearing act?

    • Guest says:

      Brianna Chantal has used the rip off site, as well, to defame RadioNewz and Holly Briley. I’ve been watching this rift for about a month now. Brianna is a sly fox when it comes to flipping her lies around and pointing the finger.

      Murt, if I were you, I’d just stand back and get out of the way. You won’t get the truth.

      • The problem is that NOBODY wants the truth. Ripoffreport is being used by all sorts of bullies on all sides of every argument.

        At the very lest nobody will believe anything written on ripoffreport anymore. It is now just another trash site with no substance.


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  • Guest says:

    Well, one great source to verify info on Brianne Chantal aka Anne Patterson would be the RCMP, in Burnaby, BC. If they can talk about her file, it certainly wouldn’t be considered trash.

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