I seem to have stirred up a bit of a hornets nest in my latest posts regarding the blog wars that have cropped up in something of a connection to Casey Anthony case.

Principle among those involved in this debate are Holly Briley who contributes to as well as writes on her own blog about the owner of VIP TATTLER.

From what I gather in trying to sort out this mess is that all of this argument has to do with actions dealing with Casey Anthony and various aspects of the aftermath of the trial.

When I saw Ms Chanel being the subject of a complaint linked through, I wrote the two articles regarding my stand on the use of Ripoffreport as part of this type of dispute. I decided the fair thing to do is to allow both sides to comment here as well as posting the primary dispute sites of both of them here so that the readers can judge for themselves who is right and who is wrong in this battle of the umm er “babes.”

This is going to be one hot summer indeed.

Stay tuned



  • VIP Tattler says:

    No need for us to dispute anything. We have no ties to any of these individuals and Holly has made various claims as to who we are, or who she thinks we are. First, we were Brianne and Amelia. Then we were Brianne. Then we weren’t. Then we were Brianne again. Then we were Mel. This chick can’t keep her story straight and because of that we caught Holly in fraudulent activity after she made the false Ripoff Report against us, claiming to be our staff member “Mel”, a staff member we made up to catch Holly – and catch her it did. Everything we have uncovered about her and the individuals involved is available at our blog, and the following links.

  • VIP Tattler says:

    Holly, Brianne, Murt, Robert and the rest of the Casey Anthony freaks engaging in this internet war, so to speak, that has been going on since January, all need to snap out of it and knock it off. I say this as an open letter to each of them: It’s sad that you lot are all only increasing the amount of hate in our world. With the way you all are acting, most of you are no better than teenagers. Actually, most teenagers act more mature than most of you. You all seem to have the mentality of a five year old, if that. Calling names, pointing blame, fighting. Fact of the matter is, it’s childish. Point blank. No arguments. You can’t debate that one. Somehow you’ve all seemed to lose sight of what this was really about in the first place: Caylee Anthony. A little girl that lost her life far too soon. But, as usual, Caylee has once again been put on the backburner. First, by the behavior of her own mother, Casey Anthony, now by those who call themselves “bloggers” and “journalists” online. The problem won’t be fixed by a bunch of adults (could’ve fooled me!) fighting online. Fighting with fire only creates an even bigger fire. One of you needs to stand up and be the bigger person. If you’re going to call someone crude, vicious names, and report what you believe to be the truth (regardless of whether it is or isn’t truthful), you can’t expect them to do any different. Do unto others as you would have them do to you.

  • Guest says:

    VIP TATTLER IS Brianna Chantel. She’s the only one behind the so called celebrity news site. She will also post comments under another ‘handle’ to side with herself.

    I wouldn’t give her a stage to pull her antices, on. She is truly deceptive, manipulative, pathological and obsessed with her fantasy world. Truth be told, she is in need of psychiatric care. My guess is she is unemployable (receiving welfare or disability through CPP). No one tweets all the live long day if they’re writing, researching and checking their sources for facts. It makes no sense.

    She’s the one stirring the pot.

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