The more accurate question, I suppose should be “Have you ever tried to understand a woman? The answers to both is yes and the result with both is I lost. This latest round of debate with the warring females on the blogs brings the futility of doing so to the forefront.

In my latest blog articles I had attempted to some extent to act as an arbitrator in the blog wars that has broken out over the various accusations that have been floating around on the internet as well as with the use of Ripoffreport.com as a cyberbully tool.

This effort has turned out to be an epic fail as the owner of VIP TATTLER has chosen to throw me under the bus and include me in a tirade against the various individuals and groups she has had issues with since January. In spite of this turn of events my viewpoint regarding the use of Ripoffreport in the manner I wrote about stands. I feel the website is abused by all sorts of bullies on the internet who apparently do not understand the intended use of the website.

IN SPITE of the tirade that Vip Tattler has posted that includes me, my statements in that article stands. Whoever posted the complaint was wrong in the way it was done. If there is evidence in the way of specific links or documentation, it should be included in the report. I found the report vague and nothing more than a smear.

However, I also chose not to suddenly join the VIP side of the dispute and go against the “other side” in this internet dispute. My articles have been about the general misuse of the blogosphere and sites such as Ripoffreport and twitter to engage in the kind of personal smears and attacks that have been going on for quite some time. I have seen quality blogs literally go down the toilet due to this constant personal warfare going on between the parties involved. As a victim of this sort of thing I tried to intervene and at least give my viewpoint into what the hell has been going on.

I should have known better.

It is off to Facebook where I have pretend planes to fly and fake crops to harvest.

Stay tuned



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