It was something of a surprise though understandable that I found myself mentioned in a blog article this morning. There is a slight problem that I find with the article, however.

First, Radio somehow was under the impression that I was somehow “buds” with the owner of VIP TATTLER. That was neither my impression nor my goal when I set out to write the blog articles.

I am not out to be “buds” with anyone. I am trying to make a point and am not able to do so because the majority of the folks  involved are of the female gender.

Again, my point is that it is patently wrong to be using Ripoffreport for the purposes of smearing someone’s reputation. I and quite a few others consider such an action bullying.

Now, in her article Radio decided to use a quote from my blog article as follows:

“This effort has turned out to be an epic fail as the owner of VIP TATTLER has chosen to throw me under the bus and include me in a tirade against the various individuals and groups she has had issues with since January.”

Radio got that part correct….but, she left out an important “rest of the story” which by the way is an old trick used in politics:

I went on to say the following:

“IN SPITE of the tirade that Vip Tattler has posted that includes me, my statements in that article stands. Whoever posted the complaint was wrong in the way it was done. If there is evidence in the way of specific links or documentation, it should be included in the report. I found the report vague and nothing more than a smear.”

I also went on to say:

“However, I also chose not to suddenly join the VIP side of the dispute and go against the “other side” in this internet dispute.”

What has happened here is a classic example of how content can be manipulated to fit the bias of whoever decides to quote it. Radio, whom I understand is also of the female gender missed the point entirely. I have also concluded that a great many others have missed the point as well.

Stay tuned


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  • Guest says:

    That is Brianne Chantal for you. She becomes illogical, irrational and unstable if she feels threatened. Doesn’t take much.

    She’s the writer who claimed to have an affair with Peter Facinelli (scallywag and vagabond fired her as did Radionewz, for slander and copyright infringement. was a victim, having one of their stories ripped off by Brianne Chantal. She claimed to have been the one to have BREAKING NEWS on Felon Casey Anthony, which has already been posted on WTFV’s site. She destroyed WFTV’s stamp and somehow put her name on it. How does someone do that?????). Anyhooooo, she tried to meet him while he was filiming near Vancouver. He rejected her after her advances (not to be mean, but she is not a very pretty girl). Hence, the defamatory story of PF’s alleged affair breaking up his marriage to Jennie Garth.

    Not true, folks. Not true.

    Check out her twitter account.

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