I remember that around the time of the death of Michael Jackson, one blogger wrote an article celebrating the death of “the pedophile!” in spite of Michael Jackson being ACQUITTED of ALL charges. This SAME blogger posted, a short while back “Casey was found innocent, get over it!” This post, of course, was directed at the Caylee’s Warriors and other support groups that were not too pleased at the verdict that was handed down just about one year ago today.

The excuse set forth of the now Warrior basher  in the case of OJ was “jury nullification” which, simply put, that blogger and many others accused the jury of ignoring the orders of the court and acquitted OJ on the basis of race.

A similar excuse was put forward after Michael Jackson was found NOT GUILTY of the crimes for which he stood accused. The Jury nullification in this case was due to “fandom,” which translated into his being acquitted due to the jury being huge fans of Michael Jackson and his brothers and sister. The excuses also went on to say being able to afford top name lawyers helped matters.

Then we have the case of Robert Blake. The jury was criticized for essentially the same reasons that the juries in the Casey Anthony trial are now. In each of these three cases many of those now decrying the Caylee’s Warrior’s efforts to boycott books and petition for federal trials were the ones shouting discontent that these three “got away with “it!”

So what do these three acquitted individuals have in common?

They were MEN.

Kind of makes you want to stop and think….Doesn’t it?

Stay tuned


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