I have been reading with somewhat bemused interest the ramblings of certain bloggers regarding the claim that Radio of and Levi Page are one of the same. What I find interesting is that people seem to make such obvious hoax claims in the mistaken belief that anyone would even believe such an out of whack claims.

But, then I remembered the claims made by one former owner of a now defunct blog and a nut case out of Tucson Arizona and I realize there there are probably some gullible individuals out there that just might believe this same nonsense.

What caused me to write about this strange claim regarding Levi was an anonymous e mail that states that the whole thing is being brought on, not by the legitimate Caylee Warrior groups but the very same nut case that spread all sorts of false rumors about, me and others on the internet. This same blogger also spearheaded a rumor that she HERSELF was a German Porn Star who masturbated herself in a rather odd German language porn video.

There are those in some circles who still debate if the German Pornstar hoax was in fact NOT a hoax but a strange cover up of the TRUTH that the person was in fact both a prostitute and porn star.

It seems, according to the e-mail sent to me, that this woman likes to befriend others on the internet only to secretly turn on them and spread lies about them using other internet identities where she pretends to be several different people of both genders. This a skill she has perfected by doing this for over a decade.

The e-mail sender promises more “interesting” tid bits concerning the latest fiasco.

True or not, all of this is, at the least, entertaining.

Stay tuned



  • Guest says:

    ……don’t leave us hanging, Murt! LOL

  • Mrs. Deneale K. McElhaney-Williams says:

    Since my presence here seems to annoy some allow me to say that I SERIOUSLY and I do mean SERIOUSLY doubt they are one in the same. Several weeks ago I tried contacting Levi Page about a lead and he was literally TOO GOOD to even speak to me, or anyone else for that matter. Ive read his wall. I find him conceited and rude and YES I have spoken with him and AM entitled to my opinion. AND I wasnt going to him about my waaah boo hoo cyberbullying issue either. Nor was I going to him about the Casey Anthony can we ALL shut up about her already case either. None-the-less he slammed the door on myself, channel 13 news reporter and several others of us that went to him. Therefore personally I do not for one minute and I said this to him scroll ALL the way down my wall & check believe for one minute it is even Levi Page in the first place! Argue with me, I dont care. I said my piece. Thats ALL I wanted to do! LOL Im not gonna threaten anyone nor did I, ask Levi Page, we all laughed at him, cuz it was a pretty big story too that he slammed the door on. His loss not ours, we got it covered.

    • KnowName says:

      This coming from a well documented cyberbully who lies for her own gain. Deneale, if that is even your real name, don’t you have someone to cause issues with? You know if you get a job, you won’t have time to get “a lead” on anyone. You should be locked up and very ashamed for your actions against others. You need to stop with your lies, contradictions, and innate, yet unjust, anger.

      I love your postings because it makes the rest of the world realize no matter how crazy it may be around them, they are not you. That is something we all should be thankful for. No one would want to be as pathetic as you.

  • Whatever says:

    Levi was most likely warned by Holly. They seem to work together on quite a few things. He’s very busy today promoting his appearance on the JVM show tonight. Funny how twitter accounts with little activity that haven’t tweeted since March suddenly appear to tell him he’ll be the star of the show. Levi of course retweets all compliments, even if they come from one of his alt accounts!


      I have a problem believing that Levi is playing the game of creating fake names on any social sites. The main reason is that He is headed for prominence within the mainstream media industry and as a result would become a high profile public figure.

      A fraud of this nature would spell disaster for any career he might have in the news media industry.

      Remember Dan Rather? He suffered miserably in his career when questions arose about dishonesty in his reporting. Geraldo also suffered damage due to his antics during the Iraq war.

      IF Levi has done as you have accused, this will come out eventually and may doom any career hopes he might have. I would think he would understand that fact and not engage in what he has been accused of.


  • Whatever says:


    As a longtime observer to some of the games that have gone on, I wouldn’t have made that comment if I didn’t in fact believe it to be true. It wasn’t my intention to offend you and will not post here anymore.

    Thank you for posting my comments up to this date.

    • Whatever:
      No offense taken. My comments are opinions based on my experience plus what I would assume would be wise choices by those who are the subjects of the various disputes on the social media sites.

      If your accusations are in fact true, the truth will come out eventually and those involved will have to deal with the consequences.


  • Sheila says:

    Levi is far too intelligent to play silly little games on the internet. Once again, it seems some people are just plain jealous.

    • Sheila:
      WHat I find interesting is that when this “Radio is Levi is Radio” nonsense started up I made almost the exact same comment. What do I get for my effort? Being bullied by Radio on her declining blog. That’s what I get for giving an honest opinion.


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